Blog #5 – How do study method/habits help people, and how does it affect people?

Studying is an action all humans use most of their life because of school. Because of this it is important to use methods that will help you otherwise for the amount of time students are in school, if they are not using a study method that works for them, it will affect their school life.(1) It is important for students, those who are studying to know when to stop, because as most of us experience, when we overstudy, we do not gain anything from it. Instead, we gain headahces, even more tired, and even more confused then before we even studied. This can lead to unmotivation, not being able to focus at all because you are putting so much pressure onto yourself, and will 100% cause a dent in your school grades. However, at the same time grades do not define someone’s worth, or how much work they may have put into something, the effort someone puts into their work defines them. I mentioning this only because when we study we want the goal of a great grade so students study, study, and study until we are burnt out. This becomes a cycle for many, which is why it is important to not overstudy by giving yourself breaks, setting realistic goals that you know you can handle, and prioritize your health.(2) Thought this specific article is small, it has great points because it states the main purpose, that studying is not just for school, its to gain living skills, and its to learn how to manage your time. This gives you the chance to actually enjoy your studies, and when you are enjoying your work, you gain more motivation. The main way to successfully gain knowledge is to have motivation.(3) Motivation is the main emotion/feelikng students need, but most of the time that can go away due to stress. The main ways to have motivation and to gain more motivation is to put realistic goals on yourself. Instead of thinking so deep about a topic you are unsure of, and stressing yourself out, realize the main actions you have to do first, then slowly make goals to reach that end result. If you lose motivation along the way, that is normal, and being in that causes you to gain more motivation to become a better version of yourself. Now this has sort of gone off the topic of studying, but the real truth is the best ways to study is to have motivation, put realistic goals on yourself, and to try and enjoy the topic because in the end it might be worth it!

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