Blog Post 5


  1. My partner and are well into our action. Recently we went alone to downtown Port Coquitlam after we made care packages and we handed them out. We met many people during our journey and heard their experiences.  
  2. Some successes we have had have been going out and preparing care packages and then going downtown and handing them out. Also, we have had successes when our parents allowed us to go alone. Before it was very hard to go because we needed people to help us but now, we know how to do it alone. We also had success in meeting people and how kind they were while talking to them.  
  3. A challenge we have faced has been safety reasons of going alone. Many homeless people use drugs and drink alcohol, so we had to be very aware of our surroundings and be safe. Especially because we were alone. We took as many precautions as possible as we could just to be safe.  
  4. Next, we are going to be keeping the extra snacks and small food items in our cars for any time we see a homeless person that we can give to. This experience has helped us learn to help a homeless person whenever we see the chance.

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  1. this is so amazing! i love how you continued your project and did not let anything stop you. for the future, maybe you could tell us how we could go in depth about what you spoke to them about. it could possibly help us understand the whole action better. but overall, i loved following your journey <3

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