Blog post 4

1.) Where are you with your action?

My group and I have completed another cleanup in a park. The same park as the previous cleanup, Lafarge Lake park, but in several areas. Some of the areas we covered were the grass area, the amphitheater, and the walking path around the lake. I would say it was once again a very successful cleanup. Evidently, we still faced challenges, but we were able to overcome them together. We were out for about an hour. We made the most out of the time we had, we managed to fill our garbage bag about halfway. Most of the pieces of garbage we found were very small such as cigarette buds. Considering the fact that most of the pieces were small, and took up very little space in the bag, we thought it was a successful cleanup, even though we found less garbage than in the previous cleanup.

2.) What are some successes that you have had?

During our cleanup in Lafarge Lake Park, I would say the biggest success that we had was the amount of garbage we were able to pick up in the little amount of time we had. Knowing that we made an area clean makes me very proud because I believe that it is making an impact in our community. Although we managed to pick up more garbage in our previous cleanup, we still count it as a success because it doesn’t matter the amount of garbage, as long as we’re doing our job to ensure our community stays clean. Another success is that everyone but one person in our group was able to make it. This made our clean-up a lot more efficient as we came up with a strategy. One person would hold the bag open and two people would go around and pick up the garbage while wearing gloves, Additionally, we managed to bring all of the necessary supplies this time.

3.) What are some challenges that you have faced? 

Some of the challenges we faced during our cleanup around Lafarge Lake Park was the unexpected construction. It was relatively hard to maneuver with construction all around us. There were also parts of the park that we hadf planned to cleanup that we could not access due to the construction. We had to modify our plan and choose a different area of the park to cleanup. Another challenge we faced during this clean up was the weather. It was raining quite a bit. Earlier that day it was really nice out so I did not bring a jacket with me. While we were cleaning it started to rain. I still managed to finish the cleanup with my group, it was just slightly uncomfortable. Another thing is that since we were cleaning up the grass part of Lafarge Lake Park, it was very muddy. We had to adapt to the weather by simply just being a lot more attentive of our surroundings in order to find the garbage. Despite all these challenges, we were still able to make the most out of this cleanup and it was a success.

4.) What are you doing next and why?

We have not yet disscussed what our plan for the next cleanup is, but we will probably be doing something similar to the previous cleanups. In my opinion, we should choose a location that is very different from all the others, or a location that none of us have been in before. This way we will be sure to have covered a variety of land within our community. Hopefully, we will have more luck with the weather as it is getting closer to the summer and the weather is supposed to get better. Why? The purpose of these cleanups is to help keep the community clean, as well as ensure the Earth stays clean. Although it is not a big

I am currently unsure of the exact location of our next clean-up, however we will definitely do one, if not two more clean-ups before the end of the school year. I hope that with the weather getting nicer this will help us be more successful in future outings. As for why, as I always say, the smallest clean-up makes an impact, and even if that impact is not big, it is still something being done to help our Earth. Especially because it is such a simple, yet effective task, I will continue to do these clean-ups, whether for Social Responsibility or on my own time. I encourage everyone else to do the same.

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