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1.) Where are you with your action?

For our action project, my group has completed 1 clean-up so far. Unfortunately, I was sick the entire week and was not able to go out with them. They went to Lafarge lake park. According to my group, the cleanup went very well. In fact, it went so well we all agreed that the next cleanup was going to be around the same area since the previous time was very successful. I was told that the most garbage found was in the main attraction of the park. This information shocked me. The reason we never went to do cleanups in Lafarge lake park last semester is because we assumed the park was maintained very frequently. The fact that the first cleanup was very successful made us all very proud and happy, and we are looking forward to a very successful semester where we will continue to make an impact in our community,

2.) What are some successes that you have had?

After hearing all about the cleanup my group did, I think I would say the biggest success they had was the amount of garbage they picked up. Not only that, but the diversity of garbage that they found was impressive. From masks to plastic bottles, and even confetti. In all of our blog posts, we always talk about wanting to make an impact and a difference in our community. This cleanup really made a clear difference in the park, thanks to my group. The fact that there was a clear difference was very motivating and exciting to see. My group said they decided to extend the cleanup since it was very successful from the start. They were out till it started to get dark.

3.) What are some challenges that you have faced?

One of the biggest challenges in my opinion was the conflict of schedules. There was nothing we could’ve done since I was not planning to get sick. It was unexpected. Another member of our group had something come up last minute so she was not able to attend. There was only half the group cleaning up, but the important thing is that they still managed to do the cleanup with two members missing. Another challenge my group faced was that when they got to the park, they realized that they had forgotten to bring gloves to pick the garbage up. They decided to use their hands for the most part, but for the pieces of garbage that looked dirtier, they decided to use a stick. This worked relatively well, as it was very efficient, and did not stop them from picking up garbage. The weather was also not the best. Some pieces of garbage were wet, as well as the grass and the trail path.

4.) What are you doing next and why?

We did not decide on the location we wanted to clean up yet, but I think it would be a smart idea to go back to Lafarge lake park since this time was a huge success. Since Lafarge lake park is very big, we can choose a different location within the park to clean, just to make sure that we are not leaving any garbage behind. We have come to the conclusion that we are unfortunately unable to complete a cleanup every two weeks because of how busy and different each one of our schedules are. However, we will continue to try our best to get as many cleanups done. To make sure this is possible, we will be planning our cleanups in advance, so that we are all prepared to go out no matter the challenges we will face. I think my group really values the cleanups we do as it is slowly making an impact in our community. We try to prioritize the cleanups as much as possible. The reason we chose to do this action in the first place was to be able to help keep our community, and the environment clean, which is exactly what we will continue to do.


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  1. Hello Dora,

    Your action sounds awesome! A few months ago my group and I also cleaned up Lafarge Park and I agree that there is a lot of garbage there. It’s a shame you couldn’t be there yourself, but I’m glad it was successful. If you are considering your next location a good one is Como Lake Park. When we went there a lot of the garbage was overlooked. A place I would not recommend is Lions Park. A good thing for them but for your project maybe not but there was basically no garbage.

    Above is a link to different parks you can consider going to in the Coquitlam area.

    Good luck!

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