Blog post 4 (pt.2)

  1. Right now, my partner and I have made lots of progress from our last blog post. We have gone out to make care packages. After doing some research about what we should put in the care packages, my partner and I headed out to Walmart to get the supplies. We then put the stuff together, so we are prepared to hand them out!
  2. Some successes we have had is my partner and I have worked very well together by communicating and each putting in a solid effort. We have also both put in a little bit of our own money to help be successful. Another success we have had is staying in touch with Kristi Blakeway and her being there for help if we need! 
  3. My partner and I’s major challenges we have faced is trying to get to Downtown Vancouver because it is very far, and we are not allowed to go alone. Either we need to find a ride because neither of us can drive or we would have to take the sky train. Since we cannot go alone, we would also have to find a time that would work for everyone.
  4. Next, we are going to head to downtown Port Coquitlam to hand out packages instead of Vancouver. Port Coquitlam is a lot closer to where we live and there are still many homeless people. We will be going sometime this month and we are going to try to go multiple times!

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  1. Hi Sydney,
    I love the action you guys chose to do. This action post was great! It’s really nice how you guys are taking initiative to help out the less fortunate in Vancouver. Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to read your next blog post.

  2. Hey Sydney,
    this action plan is amazing! The work and effort you are putting in for people who experience homelessness is incredible. This is a really selfless action and I liked that you put in your own money to purchase items that others need. I looked at the list which was added to your blog post and thought it was great! Most of the time when I saw people donating to our homeless community I always saw clothes or blankets for the winter but never realized that they also are in need of personal hygiene products. Since I read your list included in the blog post I think it’s wonderful that you get them items such as deodorant and feminine products!

    Keep up the good work and I hope that your problems with scheduling will work out, so you’re able to help more people!
    Good luck! -Itzel

  3. Hi Sydney,

    I like how you and your partner are helping out a lot of people. I like how you guys tried going Downtown but due to the long distance from the big city, it would take a lot of time and money to get there. This isn’t my project but maybe a few of the ideas that I thought of could help. I found that there is the Westcoast Express train at Coquitlam Centre Station. But the time to make it to the bus is early which is at 8:10 am which would be the last train to go Downtown. As Downtown Hastings has many people there are a few people that maybe you can partner with such as ProjectHastings. You can also go to Surrey as well since it is closer to Coquitlam. But this is what I think maybe you can do but your project is already really good! So keep up with the work!


  4. Hi Sydney ,
    great to hear that you and your partner have been very successful so far ! I think that its great that you are choosing to help the unhoused in that are even more local to our area , good luck !
    – Sammie

  5. Hey Sydney, this is a really great action plan! It is very kind that you are choosing to help people and I wish you luck with finding a safe plan to travel downtown.

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