Blog post impact on tendons and ligaments

Hello, it’s me Karl and I will be talking about the impact on tendons and ligaments. If you want to understand them you can see my other post on understanding tendons and ligaments.

My first point for tendons is. If you have a higher B.M.I; body mass index. You are more susceptible to getting tendon and ligament injuries. This is because if you were to twist or do any harsh physical activities, a higher B.M.I could lead to more stress on your tendons and ligaments. That can cause them to tear or pull easier.(1)

My second point about tendons is; you can pull, tear, or injure your tendons anywhere and it takes a really long time to heal. Tendon injuries usually happen during sports or physical activities where there are a lot of different movements. The main problem with injuring your tendons is that if you don’t let them heal fully they can become permanently weakened or injured.(2)

My third and final point is; You need to get diagnosed quickly if you think you injured your tendons or ligaments because the swelling and inflammation can make it hard to diagnose. This can lead to a false diagnosis and can cause further injury because you are not getting proper treatment.(2)

These were my three points talking about impacts for tendons and ligaments. I had many more points, but tried  to pick the best. Once again if you want to understand more about the tendons and ligaments. You can go look at my other post explaining how they work, and some facts about them. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Have a great day.



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  1. Hi Karl,
    I find your topic very interesting. I’ve done my research on ligaments because I hurt my ligament several times from soccer. It’s very painful and not fun. Ligaments are so important. i cant wait to read your next blog post!

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