Tsunami Impacts

For my post I will be talking about three main impacts that I think are most important when talking about Tsunamis. First I will be talking about the Impact Tsunamis have on people and their lives. In 1782 more then 40 000 thousand people were killed from a Tsunami which was also followed by a earthquake.(1)  In more recent times in 2004 the Tsunami that estimated to kill over 200 000 thousand peoples lives and is ranked as the most devastating tsunami. (1) My second impact I will be talking about is the impact tsunamis have on the environment around us. Tsunamis with waves over 100 feet that can have massive volumes of water miles inland that will clear everything that comes in its path. (2)In 1707 a tsunami destroyed over 30 000 thousand buildings and over 30 000 thousand people. (1) For my last impact I will be talking about the impact tsunamis have on tsunamis survivors. In 2009 people took surveys of tsunami survivors and showed that 60% of them were effected by insomnia and had anxiety about a radiation exposure from a nuclear power plant that was hit by the tsunami. (3)


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  1. Hi Ava,

    This is quite interesting. I really like all the statistics you added in your research because I had never seen tsunami statistics before and these were shocking. Maybe next time you could add the names and locations of these tsunamis as that would add to the data. But overall good blog post and good luck with your future research.

    Chantal M.

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