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  1. My favorite sound is the sound of a baby’s laugh because it’s infectious and I just like happy kids.
    My least favorite sound is the sound of my alarm clock in the morning, I hate waking up early. I also find the sound of crickets in the evening annoying.

  2. My favourite sound is the sound of a musical instrument called cuica. It is commonly used in Brazilian carnavals. I like it because it reminds me of when I used to go to carnavals there.

    My least favourite sound is the grinding noise of a car when braking. I dislike it because it reminds me of the car crash that I was in a couple of years ago.

    Sofia B

  3. What is your favorite sound? Explain why.
    What is your least favorite sound? Explain why.
    How do these sounds relate to your memories?

    My favorite sound is probably the sound of music. More specifically, the sound of rap music. When I go to the gym, I only listen to rap music. It helps me get through my workout and it helps me push myself and go beyond my comfort zone. I’m listening to rap music for most of the day. I don’t really know how my life would be if I did not listen to music. It would definitely be a lot less fun and enjoyable. For me, rap music is my go-to when I’m doing any type of exercise, at the gym, or training soccer.

    My least favorite sound would probably have to be the sound of country music. Simply because it irritates me. I haven’t figured out why yet, but it does. I can not stand country music. To me, it sounds very annoying and just unenjoyable. I can’t think of a significant time in my life when country music was involved.

    Something rap music does to me is it relates a certain memory to each song. Every time I listen to specific songs, it reminds me of certain memories, mostly always positive. Some songs even make me think of different people in my life that I care about. As I mentioned before, I cannot think of a significant moment in my life when rap music was involved. Therefore, I can not relate it to any memories in my life.

  4. My favorite sound is the sound of the waves crashing against the shore because it reminds me of my cabin and all the fun memories that have happened there. My least favorite sound is the sound of people crying because I feel bad that they are in pain, and it makes me feel upset.

  5. My favourite sound is when it rains when you’re getting ready to go to bed. During that time, I would put on some soft music (like Korean OSTs, piano, and KR&B) and it helps me relax my body as I am an over-thinker. This is why it is my favourite sound. Sounds that help me feel relaxed allow me to breathe and not think about what I have going on as I feel like it is best if I leave it to the morning when I wake up. Usually, during this time of getting ready to sleep, I start to think about what I need to slowly improve on, but I do not think about my schoolwork, work, and homework. My least favourite sound is when someone puts their nails on a chalkboard. My favourite sounds remind me of my happy memories as I listen to that music which makes me miss those times.

  6. My favorite sound is hockey pucks hitting the ice at the start of a practice, this is my favorite sound because it means it’s time to have fun and shoot some pucks around before we start the hard work. I have heard this sound my entire live and every single time it sounds just as good and it never gets old. I honestly can say even since I was little the sound of pucks hitting the ice has made me excited.

    My least favorite sound has to be chalk on a chalk board, I hate it so much. Even just thinking about it makes me cringe, I used to love chalk but for some reason as I got older the dry sound of it scraping onto the board starting to almost feel sickening. But I just don’t undertsand why I hate it so much becauce not only do I remember not minding the sound but, I really didn’t even notice it was there.

  7. What is your favorite sound? Explain why. What is your least favorite sound? Explain why. How do these sounds relate to your memories?

    My favorite sound is listening to music, specifically, rap or R&B. Listening to music helps calm me down, relax and have a moment by myself to get away from the world. I love the way music makes me feel and how it helps me with things like doing my homework or to be productive. I’ve always loved music since I was a kid, I loved singing along and dancing. Now I use it as a coping mechanism for any stress, or to help me focus and relax.

    My least favorite sound is the sound of many people talking over each other, for example, something like being in a crowd. I get overwhelmed by all the noise, because nothing is clear and I often feel myself feeling like I can’t hear my own thoughts. Since many people talking over each other makes me feel overwhelmed and uneasy, I usually avoid these situations and have been avoiding them since I was a child. During one specific situation when I was younger, I quickly discovered that I did not like many people talking over each other because I found it hard to focus and think clearly.

    • I completely agree with not liking people talking over eachother, I find if I am trying to focus on a task but multiple people are talking at once I can’t focus on what I am doing at all, it completely throws me off.

  8. My favourite sound is the sound of wind. I enjoy the process of hiking because I can hear the wind blowing and feel the movement of air. The sound of wind can make me relax, and I can forget the difficulties and the stress in my life; furthermore, the sound of wind will change frequently.
    My least favourite sound is the noise that produced by the washing machine in our house. It is super annoying and distracting, and the laundry room is just next to my bedroom.

  9. My favourite sound would have to be the beach. This includes, the waves crashing, the trees swaying, and the people laughing. Whenever I am at the beach I just lie down and listen and it is the most calming sound ever. It reminds me of trips with my family and all the great memories I always create at beaches. On the other hand, I agree with a lot of people commenting that their least favourite sound is cutlery scratching a plate. To me this is worse than nails on a chalkboard, I cannot stand the sound. This is not related to any specific memory though, I simply dislike it.

  10. My favourite sound would have to be VERY heavy rain, and the sound of stream/river running. I’ve always appreciated the sounds, and when I need to concentrate I always put rain sounds or stream sounds in order to do my homework, particularly math.

    My least favourite sound is of nails on paper, yes I can’t stand it when nails touch surfaces and scratch surfaces they shouldn’t, it absolutely drives me crazy and makes me cringe.

    I find that I like the sounds of raining and river streams because in my room I have a window and on more windy days or when there is unpredictable weather, you can hear the sound of the stream at night. It is a sound which makes me calm and feel centered, so anytime I hear sound remotely similar, I remind myself to stay and stay balanced.

    Unfortunately, as a kid I had a vengence against nail clippers and felt that anytime I cut my nails I would be unable to touch any surfaces because to me the sound of it would make me cringe and feel sick. Especially when I had to hold anything paperlike or made of cloth.

  11. My favourite sound would be the sound of cracking fire or nature water sounds such as smooth river flows, raining and etc… The sound of fire itself is satisfying for me to hear because it cracks softly and quietly in a way that is calming. I love water nature sounds as it makes me fall in sleep faster whenever it is raining outside. I can’t quite sleep faster when there’s no absolute noise but water drops tend to be the perfect sound empty my head and just relax. My least favourite sound is when the alarm goes off because it irritates me as I would have to wake up during my sleep. Fires remind me of camping and being cozy by the warmth of it and roasting marshmallows.

    • Hi tiffany, I completely agree! I also love the sound of a crackling fire, it’s calming and reminds me of amazing memories. Campfires are one of my favorite things, and I love melting marshmallows in the fire. I also love nature sounds because they sound so natural and relaxing. I have around 4 alarms that go off in the morning because I always press snooze. I’m not a morning person and it’s become one of my least favorite sounds as well.

  12. My favourite sound is heavy rain and heavy ocean waves. Those sounds always calms me down and I feel best whenever it’s raining heavily when I’m at home or outside, it gives me peace and the world is always quieter when it’s raining. The sound i absolutely hate is the sound of vacuums, I don’t know why myself but the sound of people vacuuming makes me nauseous and uncomfortable, also irritated. I don’t have any significant trauma related to vacuums or the sound of it, i just weirdly hate it.

  13. SOUND; vibration that travels through the air. We have many types of sounds like, music ,noise ,loud ,pleasant and soft.
    FAVOURITE SOUND; our favorite sound is the chattering of birds. It makes me feel lively and I am able to reduce stress when I hear the melodious tunes they make.
    Our least favorite sound is thunder since it’s loud and frightening. It may cause deafness. In our culture there is a myth that if you wear red clothes you are struck by lightning. Our grandparents give us stories about the past days. There was a person who became deaf when he was young so that’s why we are afraid of that sound.

    CREDIT: Emma and Esther

    • Hi Emma and Ester!
      Birds are definitely very calming, I suppose we have different types of birds here, but especially in the morning I love the sounds of birds as well. Thunder and lightning can be very unpleasant and with that myth I can see why it would be your least favourite sound. Thank you for sharing!

  14. My favourite sound is that of a raindrops on the rooftops as it makes me feel relaxed and also relieve my stress .It also draws me to a deep sleep easily and this makes me to have a very good rest. I also love the sound of the piano which has different tones according to the music which is being played. This enlights my heart as it makes me feel jovial and helps me reduce my anger.This helps me to be a happy person always and be able to socialize with those around me.

    My least favorite sound is the trumpeting of an elephant as it makes me to be afraid and it trickles my ears.This makes me to be fearful to walk somewhere alone because of having an image of how dangerous an elephant is whenever I come across it.
    by Yvonne

  15. My favorite sound is cock crows.It is my favorite because it walks me up early in the morning.Its sound is very loud and smooth my sleep ends immediately it starts.In our home farm we have about ten cocks .My mum said she will sell some since they always fight .My best cock is black in color but the worst thing is that my mum hates it so much.I just want to plead with her not to sell it.But sometimes when am not at home i get bored since i can’t hear the sound.
    My least favorite sound is loud sound from a flying aeroplane. Sometimes it is irritating and it may lead to hearing problems.I usually feel pity for people who live near airstrip and airport.It also irritates me when i need a silence because it is very loud and it distract my mind. But these days I have got a secret of wearing earphones or headphones so as to escape the annoying sound .The thing that disturbs my mind is how I will travel abroad using an planner because of that sound. But I hopes It won’t affect me when I’m inside the plane.

    • Hi Hannah,

      Turns out that your least favorite sound is my favorite. I looove the roaring of the plane’s engine. Whether its a low-flying helicopter or a gigantic Jumbo Jet. I think the sound is majestic and godly, with an equally soothing effect. It inspires me, excites me, and makes me thirsty of being in the belly of a plane. The sound of planes (and even more particularly space shuttles) triggers my mind to think of mankind’s remarkable inventions. That we can finally fly like birds even if we don’t have wings. That we can land on Mars because we simply can.

  16. One of my most favourite sounds is the rain, but I especially like it because of apple’s newest update where you an add the rain sound effect to you music as background noise. This sound calms me alot as I do pretty much listen to music 24/7, and the music + the rain helps me focus to get all my work done quickly. My least favourite sound is balloons popping, I have no real reason to why I do not like this sound, but it just scares me and angers me when I hear a balloon popping.

    • Hi negar,
      I absolutely love and appreciate the apple’s update as I actually fall asleep with the background noises sometimes or just to force myself to sleep more naturally. I agree with the balloon popping as well because it pops suddenly which leads to scaring people and panicking them even.


  17. My favourite sound is the humming of birds early in the morning since I find it so relaxing. My least favourite sound comes from my alarm clock because it startles me every morning. The sound of a guitar being played brings back memories for me since it reminds me of when I was in fifth grade and learning how to play that instrument.

    • Hello,
      I really love the birds humming in the morning and i was considering to include that on my post because they remind me of fresh morning to start off the day fresh. I also enjoy listening to instrument sounds including guitar. You must be so good playing it!!

  18. My two most favourite sounds would have to be the sound of rain bouncing of the roof and the sound of a harmony, either on a musical instrument, or when it is sung. I grew up a lot around music as I enjoy music a ton, and am in a choir myself. However the rain is always heard when the house is extremely quiet, which always gives me a sense of peace.

    My least favourite sound would have to be someone dropping someone metal. I am not really sure why this is, but it always scares me out of my skin.

    – Alexia Negrut

    • Hi Alexia! I also agree that the sound of rain, as well as the muscial element is very peaceful and relaxing because it kind of gives people a time period where they can just relax rather then stress out about other activities. Metals sounds are very annoying most of the time, and honestly are so unneeded, because they disturb the peaceful envoirnment people go for when they are trying to relax, so I would also agree that metal sounds are pretty annoying.

  19. my favourite sound would definitely have to be the sound of rain. rain is one of my favourite things in the world. when it’s pouring rain outside, that is when i’m the happiest, and rain can instantly put me in a good mood! i love how calming the sound of it is. my least favourite sounds would have to be any sort of screeching sound, like nails on a chalkboard, or forks scraping against bowls. just thinking about those sounds are making me uncomfortable.


    • hey shaila! i completely agree with you. i love the smell of rain because in a way i think it smells fresh? like the outside is getting cleaned and smells fresh now!! i dont extremely hate the screeching of sounds because i dont think i have ever payed close enough attention to things like that. but i can 100% see how that could annoy someone!

  20. My favourite sound is the school bell. This indicates the block has ended and tells me the day is almost done. Some good memories is when I waited for the bell to ring so I can hang out with my friend. I remember how excited I felt. My least favourite sound is the sound of snakes hissing their tongues. My younger brother has a snake, and I am mortified from the sounds they make. I remember how the snake was on our floor slithering around making that hissing noise. I yelled at my brother to put it back in it’s cage, and ran away.

    • Hi Kiara, I can totally relate to you liking the sound of the bell. Although sometimes the noise it makes can startle me, I find it very soothing and a great way to indicate the switch between the blocks of the day. I also understand your feelings about the sound of snakes. As someone who is terrified of snakes, I cannot imagine living with a snake and listening to them hiss every day. It would just freak me out so much.

  21. My favourite sound is the sound of waves crashing onto the shore. My family and I have gone to so many different beaches, and the sound reminds me of summer while winter is slowly passing by. I find it relaxing to sit and listen to the noise the water makes as it hits the sand. It’s so rhythmic and I find that it helps me think, and I get some of my best ideas on the beach.
    The sound I dislike is the noise of a large city. It’s too chaotic, with so many honking horns, buses rushing by and people yelling out to one another. Cities remind me of traffic jams and delays, two things that I’ve had enough of.

  22. A favourite sound of mine is the sound of birds chirping. Sometimes, I wake up motivated by this enchanting sound, especially in the early morning. The sound always puts me in a positive mood and encourages me to get productive. The sound of birds chirping always reminds me of home because I live near a park. My least favourite sound is probably scratching metal utensils onto plates. This noise tickles my ears in the most unsettling sort of way, and I cannot seem to focus when it is there. This sound reminds me of my younger brother because he regularly makes this sound to joke around.

  23. One of my favourite sounds is the sound of raindrops on roofs and windows. I find it relaxing and cozy when I’m in my room, and it’s raining heavily outside. Especially in the winter times, I like to sit in my room, make a cup of hot drink, and watch shows. I remember I finished most of my tutor’s homework in grade 7 in my bed in the morning on rainy weekends. One of my least favourite sounds is this one specific alarm sound on iPhones. It had been my mom’s wakeup alarm when I was in elementary school, and mine in middle school. This sound woke me up everyday for school and the other times I had to be up early. I remember I used to feel mad every time I hear this sound no matter where I am.

  24. What is your favourite sound? Explain why.
    My favourite sound would be the sound of pencils running through paper. I am not entirely sure why, but the sound it makes is just very calming for me.
    What is your least favourite sound? Explain why.
    My least favourite sound is the sound of nails screeching on the blackboard. The sound that it makes is utterly terrifyingly disturbing, and listening to it makes me a headache.
    How do these sounds relate to your memories?
    Back in the elementary school that I

    • attended, we happened to have 2 blackboards in the classroom, and some of my classmates would try to make the screeching sound on the blackboard using either their nails or other tools. It was not fun listening to that sound every once in a while.

      • Hi Scott,

        This is relatable! I also had blackboards I my elementary school, and I really did not like the sound of nails screeching on it. Thinking about it now still makes me feel not good! I also don’t like the sound when chalks slide backwards or in a direction that makes the squeaky sound. I’m not sure but this might be relatable for you too?

    • Hey, I would have to agree with you. While it may not be my absolute favorite sound, it certainly is calming and satisfying to listen to pencils on paper. I guess to me it means that work is getting done and I like to feel like I am doing something. The feeling of accomplishing something is so good and that’s why I would agree that it is a good sound. Thanks for making me think 🙂

  25. I have a few favourite sounds. The first would be any song that has a violin in it. Even if I despise the sound, a bit of violin will redeem it. My second favourite sound is the creek that rushes by my house, especially in the spring. I used to sit by the creek every chance I got and listen to it and the birds in the area. I’ll probably go back once the weather is nicer here! My least favourite sound is my alarm. I don’t understand how people use their favourite songs as their alarms because any sound that wakes me up in the morning will be one that I dislike.

  26. Hello Stella,

    That’s an intriguing favourite sound! Since I don’t see horses too often I don’t have a strong connection to the sound of their hooves. Although, the way you have described it makes it sound amazing! How often do you horseback ride? As for your least favourite sound, I completely understand. Any screeching sound makes me cringe!

    Shieva Mokhtarnameh

  27. I love the sound of horses hooves on wet dirt, it reminds me of galloping through the trails in the rain which is when I made some of my best memories, my least favourite sound is a fork scratching a plate, it sounds disgusting.

    By Stella Macdonald

    • Hello Stella,

      That’s an intriguing favourite sound! Since I don’t see horses too often I don’t have a strong connection to the sound of their hooves. Although, the way you have described it makes it sound amazing! How often do you horseback ride? As for your least favourite sound, I completely understand. Any screeching sound makes me cringe!

      Shieva Mokhtarnameh

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