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  1. Hi
    My favorite smell is that of flipping the pages of a new book. You can’t help but close your eyes and gulp as much of the smell, then you silently say,”Uuuuuuuu”, or “Mmmmmmh” (Like how you’d say when hugging your bestfriend who had gone to Britain for an exchange). To me, the smell of a book feels uniquely antique, like a treasure of knowledge hidden for ages and then discovered (by you) in the modern age. This smell reminds me of a famous African quote, Old is gold.

    Conversely, I find the smell of cigar very disgusting. Perhaps my hatred for the smell is fueled by the fact that I don’t smoke. The smoke chokes you even more when you picture how bad cigar can damage your lungs.

    The smell of a book takes me back to my childhood days when my grandmother first took me to the newly opened library in our town. It reminds me of the very first books I read, Hare and Hyena (In Swahili), Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Mr. Oloo’s Family, The Shocking Landing, and The Scout’s Trip (There are many more) and how my passion for book sprouted then. The smell of a cigar loads into my mind the first picture I saw of tattered lungs, dark and mottled, at a local dispensary.

  2. My favourite smells are the ones that remind me of my family back in South America. Smells like the pepper ones, since there is plenty of variety of them in my country such as red, yellow and even green ones give me good memories about our gastronomy, especially when all my family gather around to celebrate special or representative days that have a strong symbol, for instance, my country’s day of independence, July 28th.

    However, the smell of the diesel fuel is my least favourite, it just gives me strong headaches and I cannot relate with anything, it is really strong and makes one feel dizzy.
    -Andrea Zapata.

  3. My favourite smells are the ones that remind me of my family in Brazil and Argentina. For example, one of my favourite smells is petrichor, the scent of the air after a rain shower. It reminds me of my grandparents’ house in Brazil. I also really like the smell of mate. It is a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink. My family used to get together during the weekend to drink it and talk about our week.

    I dislike the smell of vanilla. I don’t associate it with any memories; however, I don’t like the smell of it because I dislike the taste of it too.

    Sofia B.

  4. My favorite smell is when I open the book I’m reading – it’s a little difficult to explain, but whenever I open a book, there’s some sort of stimulant. I remember the afternoons when, after finishing my homework, I would start a new novel or go to the park to read a book, which is so inspiring. Paintings or aquarelles also remind me of those afternoons. My family and I have taken many trips together, and this reminds me of them.
    Gasoline smells disgusting to me, it is just so awful. As a result, I always have to cover my nose when I enter a gas station. It gives me headaches and makes me feel sick.
    -daniela z

  5. I think my favorite smell would have to be the smell of a fresh, new, turf field. I grew up next to a turf field. I’ve been playing soccer basically my entire life, and that smell gives me a feeling of reassurance and flashbacks of some of the best memories on the turf field.

    My least favorite smell has to be vinegar. Especially, apple cider vinegar. It has a strong smell that makes me feel nauseous. On top of that, it reminds me of the taste of it, which is probably even worse than the smell. ]

  6. What is your favorite smell? Explain why.
    What is your least favorite smell? Explain why.
    How do these smells relate to your memories?
    A smell that I really enjoy? When I hear that question, so many things come to mind. One thing stands out specifically to me though. My grandparents live near a beach in cheticamp. Whenever we go there and I step out of the car I instantly smell “the smell”. The smell is what my sister and I refer to as the beach smell. The beach smell is the smell from the waves crashing on the beach and the sand sitting in the hot sun. I enjoy this smell so much because it reminds me of all the fun memories and good times I have had at the beach with my family and friends, and especially my grandparents.
    A smell I don’t like. A smell that I cannot stand is coffee. I love drinking coffee but I absolutely can’t stand the smell. For some reason coffee to me smells like compost. It smells like you’re walking through a dump. I know that probably makes no sense because it’s coffee. Everyone loves the smell of coffee. It smells so good right? Not to me. This started when I was really little when my grandmother would babysit me and always be drinking coffee. While the smell of it had mainly good memories, it is never a smell I will be able to stand.

  7. My favourite taste is any type of food that is edible. Eating food creates a moment of silence since I would usually be really hungry. Being able to eat food satisfies me. It allows me to be focused on my work. My least favourite taste is soap. When you wash your face, and some soap residue goes into your mouth is very bad. When tasting soap, it feels like there are chemicals in my mouth. My favourite taste relates to my memories of eating good food with my friends as we would explore many restaurants and let our tastebuds explore different types of flavours. My least favourite taste relates to those moments when I wash my face or hair and the soap just goes into my mouth by accident which is horrible moments.

  8. My favorite smell is probably the smell of the Christmas tree we have every year. It is just so special because the first time I smell the tree is on Christmas eve when we come home from the church and the “Christ child” was there and has brought the presents and tree. We then always celebrate Christmas eve and also directly open the presents. So smelling this tree is always the feeling of Christmas to me and means spending time with my whole family.
    My least favorite smell on the other side is probably the smell of cooked fish. I do not even know why but I find the smell so disgusting that I am sometimes almost close to throwing up.

  9. Weirdly my favorite smell is fabric softener. It smells fresh, comforting, and like many flowers. Although this is an odd favorite smell to have, it does have an explanation. The smell of fabric softener reminds me of my grandma because her fabric softener always had a strong fresh and flower-like scent, so when I was around her it was all I would smell. My mom told me my grandma used too much fabric softener and that’s why the scent was so strong. However, I think she used just the right amount since I loved hugging her and smelling the scent. Some of my best memories are with my grandmother and often when doing laundry I get reminded of her because some fabric softeners smell like the one she used. Unfortunately, my grandmother passed away a couple of years ago, but I always enjoy getting a little reminder of her when I don’t expect it while doing my laundry.

    My least favorite smell is the scent of burnt food or baked goods. I’ve always disliked the smell because smelling anything burnt scares me into thinking a fire happened. I’m just afraid of fires, and the smell of anything burnt makes me feel uneasy. I feel as if my dislike for burnt food became stronger when my sister had a phase where she loved baking. She used to make something new every weekend and often burned it. I can’t remember how many times she would accidentally burn brownies or cookies because she constantly forgot to put a timer on.

    • I also love the smell of fabric softener. It reminds me of my grandparents house and how my clothes always smelled when I left there. It’s just so refreshing and just brings back so many memories of being at their house.

  10. What is your favorite smell? Explain why. What is your least favorite smell? Explain why. How do these smells relate to your memories?

    My favourite smell is the smell of the beach. The smell of the ocean air at the beach, because my cottage is on the Northumberland Straight close to amherst, Nova Scotia. The smell of the beach brings me back to when I was a child, because in the summers during my family and I would live at my cottage all summer long.
    I love the smell of the beach because It reminds me of all the amazing memories I have with my family there. The beach is my favourite place and the smell is my favourite too.

    My least favourite smell is the smell of cow manure because it smells awful. It reminds me of my old house in Ontario and the fields surrounding my town.
    Where I lived there was a lot of pollution and manure fields and I hated it. It’s my least favourite because every day when I would walk home from my school. The smell would give me headaches.

  11. my favorite smell would have to be the morning before a rain storm, the air has this like distinct smell to it, as as soon as you go outside you know it going to rain soon. its this crisp, musky sent leaving you the feeling that your in some way connecting to the earth. i sometimes go outside just to smell the air, it leaves you so refreshed and calm, if there a perfume in the world that had that smell it would most definitely be on my wish list. when i was younger i would go camping a lot with my family and in the morning when you got out of the trailer, everything was calm and quiet and there would always be that smell. i think a part from why i like it so much is because it plays a role in a lot of my childhood memories.
    my least favorite smell has to be when you open a can of peas, just hearing the sound of the can opener opening the can and letting this unpleasant air get out and roam around. i absolutely hate peas but the smell of them in that disgusting can juice is just so much worse, it makes me gag every time i smell it. when i was younger and i tried peas for the fist time i strongly disliked them and it made me feel so sick to just lay my eyes upon there green circular shape, after that day my hate for its smell just grew.


  12. My favourite smell is the smell of forest. The smell form pine trees and grass is satisfying. The smell of pond and rocks, the smell of insects, and the smell of flowers, it all makes my favourite smell, the smell of the forest.
    My least favourite smell is burned wood, I hate the roasted and burned smell, since it is very disturbing.

    • I can definitely relate to your favourite smell! I love going out into the forest and sitting on a log to listen to the birds and breathe in the fresh air. Sadly, I don’t do it very often anymore since I’m always so busy, but I always take a bit of time each week to go for a walk in the woods.

    • One of my favourite smell would also have to be the forest! I love going outside in the forest! I even built a little fort way out in the forest with a zip line. The smell reminds me of the memoires of when I was a child playing in the woods all day long and having the most fun!

  13. What is your favourite smell? Explain why.
    What is your least favourite smell? Explain why.
    How do these smells relate to your memories?

    My favourite smell by far is clean laundry/linen. Why you might ask? The smell is incredibly calming to me because it brings back memories from a few years ago when my parents and I lived in a townhouse. In the townhouse, when my parents would do laundry, which would always be on Saturday, the smell from the laundry machine “exhaust” would leak into my room. When I woke up in the morning, feeling stressed that I had yet another day at school ahead of me, the smell calmed me, reminding me that I could sleep in for as long as I wanted.

    My least favourite smell is the smell of diesel fuel. While this smell doesn’t have any particular connection to my memories, the smell of diesel being burned drafting through my car window has always made and still makes me incredibly uncomfortable and nauseous. I have to immediately close all my windows and turn on air recirculation.

  14. My favourite smell is the smell of a warm hug. I am not sure that makes sense but is it just me who can smell a hug? It always makes me feel warm and loved. My least favourite smell is the smell of cow dung. I recently visited a barn in Parksville BC and it did not smell good! The smell of a good hug relates to many memories relating to my childhood, getting hugs from friends and family and just my day-to-day life. The smell of cow dung does some what relate to my childhood because growing up in India, sometimes I did smell cow dung. It wasn’t as bad as I remember from a couple weeks back but even in Parksville, I was glad I got to smell that in a way! It was a family friends trip and so each time I think of that, it reminds me off all the memories from that trip! <3

  15. I have a variety of favourite smells because they all remind me of things I like such as food or things that make me feel happy and etc… My main favourite smells would be florals, fruit bowls, and sweet scents as in vanilla instead of heavy sweet candies such as chocolate or ice cream. I love florals because it smells beautiful and smell like heaven. Fruit bowls are lovely as it smells fresh and appetizing. Sweet scents make me feel calm and it settles my mind. The smell of flowers, fruits and sweets reminds me of the season summer which I like. Especially, fruits bring back the memory of my middle school graduation in summer where I ate a lot of them in my friend’s backyard where we took many pictures while it was sunny.

  16. My favourite smell is the smell of fresh coffee. Fresh coffee reminds me of early morning and it is mainly what gets me up n the morning, it also associates with cafes and brunches. I can work effectively in a cafe, i can hang out with friends there, overall it’s just a place with great memories. My least favourite smell would be the smell of natto, which is a Japanese bean dish that you eat with rice. I personally dislike the strong scent and texture of natto, because my mom tricked me into eating it as a child and the scent completely threw me off.

    • hey Ronnie, I couldn’t agree with you more, something about the scent of coffee just gives me energy to move on with my day and pretend I’m in a cafe surrounded by a warm ambience!!

    • Coffee is the best smelling beverage and it’s not even a contest! It smells terrific and can get me in the mood to either relax or be ultra-focused and productive.

  17. My favourite smell is kind of hard to explain, it’s a mix of things. In Venezuelan culture every year in December before Christmas we make this food called hallacas. When the stew is cooking and the dough is being made, that’s my favourite smell. It’s a very specific and delicious scent that brings back the memories of preparing this food with my family every year. As for my least favourite scent, that would probably be cigarettes. I cannot stand the smell and it reminds me of when I stayed in Spain with family and when walking outside, on every block there were at least 5 people smoking. It was pretty bad.

    -Chantal M.

  18. My favourite smell is kind of hard to explain, it’s a mix of things. In Venezuelan culture every year in December before Christmas we make this food called hallacas. When the stew is cooking and the dough is being made, that’s my favourite smell. It’s a very specific and delicious scent that brings back the memories of preparing this food with my family every year. As for my least favourite scent, that would probably be cigarettes. I cannot stand the smell and it reminds me of when I stayed in Spain with family and when walking outside, on every block there were at least 5 people smoking. It was pretty bad.

  19. I would have to say that my favorite smell is that of fresh cut grass. I love that smell because I cut lawns for a summer job and to me it means money. I secondly love it because it means that the cold, winter weather is over and I can be outside in the nice warm weather. My favorite things are in the summer such as soccer, swimming, and hanging out with friends. This smell reminds me of all of those things. My least favorite smell would have to be skunks. They stink so bad and the smell seems to stick in my nose so that’s all I smell for a long time. Those are my favorite and least favorite smells.
    – Josh

    • I love the smell of grass too, it reminds me of the memories during spring and summer. I love doing outdoor activities, so I am really excited for the summer to arrive.

    • OMG I can totally relate, even if I don’t cut grass myself, but also to me it just means summer or spring and staying outside. I also really like to go swimming and hang out with my friends, so I totally understand when you say that smelling the cut grass reminds you of all the things you are doing in the summer.

  20. Smell is the power of perceiving scent by power of nose .Our favorite smell is lavender and fruity .Examples of fruity smell are oranges , banana ,mango, pineapple this has made me have that passion of planting different types of fruits in our homestead .when I inhale such a smell it alters my brain such that even when am tired or stressed up I feel that my mind is refreshed.
    My least favorite smell is a rotten egg. It has a very disgusting smell. It irritates me that I even feel bored. I sometimes even lack appetite when I feel the smell.
    CREDIT: Margret and Sarah

  21. The quality of something that people and animals sense through their noses. Their different types of smell example: there is bad smell and also good smell. Smell is also the ability to discover that a substance is present by using your nose.
    My favorite smell is the smell of coffee especially in the evening and definitely this is my best smell. The coffee reminds me the moment together with my sister as she prepared the coffee for us when we were young children. It also reminds me of the smell of the coffee berries that I used to harvest at my grandmothers place .I enjoyed taking a walk at her garden each and every time I visited her at her place during the school holidays at I also enjoyed when it came a time for us to harvest them.
    My worst smell is the smell of the eggs both cooked and raw eggs. The smell of the eggs make me feel sick and also makes me feel uncomfortable and unpleasant. I do not enjoy when someone in the house cooks eggs. I also don’t like the smell of something burning in the air. I really hate the choking smell .

  22. My favorite sound is cock crows.It is my favorite because it walks me up early in the morning.Its sound is very loud and smooth my sleep ends immediately it starts.In our home farm we have about ten cocks .My mum said she will sell some since they always fight .My best cock is black in color but the worst thing is that my mum hates it so much.I just want to plead with her not to sell it.But sometimes when am not at home i get bored since i can’t hear the sound.
    My least favorite sound is loud sound from a flying planner. Sometimes it is irritating and it may lead to hearing problems.I usually feel pity for people who live near airstrip and airport.It also irritates me when i need a silence because it is very loud and it distract my mind. But these days I have got a secret of wearing earphones or headphones so as to escape the annoying sound .The thing that disturbs my mind is how I will travel abroad using an planner because of that sound. But I hopes It won’t affect me when I’m inside the plane.

  23. My favorite smell definitely has to be the unstoppable febreze purple lush candle, that candle smells like my child hood and it gives off such a nostalgic vibe that sometimes I just like to smell it a few times because it smells so good. That is probably why my room smells like air freshener because I light the candle so much because I love it so much and it is 100% my favorite smells in the whole world, I’ve never smelt anything better!!
    My least favorite smell definitely has to be the smell of damp towels, they make me gag so much especially if i’m in the bathroom for to long after a shower and it is steamy in there and my towel is wet and since everyone in my house would share the same bathroom to get ready and shower in and i’d always be last and everyone’s towels would be hung up after used and it would be steamy in the bathroom and it would smell like damp towels and I would have to wait a few minutes because I would gag so much and I have no clue why because it is not even a bad smell but it just makes me gag every time and I hate it, even if the towels are clean they still make me gag.
    These smells remind me of my childhood because the candle is also a bead smell thing that you put in your laundry when washing them so it would always remind me of laundry and when my mom would use the beads. The towels remind me of my childhood because it reminds me of when my brother still lived with us and whenever we had to get ready to go out we would all be rushing to get in the bathroom and would have to take turns in and out of the bathroom and wait if someone was showering and it was always so chaotic.

  24. What is your favorite smell? Explain why.
    One of my favorite if not my favorite smells is chlorine. I’m not sure why but I love walking into pools or rec centers and just getting a whiff of that clean pool. The fresh scent makes me exited and happy to swim.

    What is your least favorite smell? Explain why.
    My least favorite smell is probably ketchup , or really any condiments for that matter, such as Mayonnaise , mustard ,and relish . I do not not like the taste , texture , and especially the smell of condiments as it gives me the heebie jeebies.

    How do these smells relate to your memories?
    The smell of chlorine reminds me of summer and of when I was little when I would visit the pool quite often as it is very close to my house. Whenever I get a whiff of that chlorine it brings me back to summertime when I was 6-10. Before Covid during the summer my friends and I would go to the pool at least twice a week just to have fun. Because of Covid I have not been able to go to a pool in quite some time , though I am hoping to this summer. Condiments relate to my memories as they are always around. I have memories of going to summer grills with my family and friends and seeing condiments everywhere. I still associate condiments with happy memories even though it is one of my least favorite smells .

    • hey sammie!! i 100% agree. people might find that weird but chlorine actually smells really good. whenever i smell chlorine i associate the smell with the summer and i love that! i have never really smelled ketchup closely but i think it smells artificial? if i were to smell it, i doubt i would enjoy the smell as well😁

    • I love the smell of chloorine too! I have a pool in my backyard so the smell of chlorine always means swimming and summer. People around me always complain about the smell, but I find it strangley comforting and I associate it with happy times!

  25. Fresh flower scents in the springtime are my favourite since they cheer me up. The smell of fish is my least favourite because it makes me nauseous. The fragrance of blueberry pancakes causes me déjà vu because it transports me back to when I was five years old and helping my uncle bake those pancakes.

    • Hi Madiya
      I agree with both your favourite scents. Flowers, especially when the scent is in the air is amazing because it tells you that winter is coming to an end and summer is just a few months away. As for blueberry pancakes, it also reminds me of my childhood and the mornings after a sleepover at my friend’s house. These are great favourite scents.

  26. One of my favourite smells has to be the smell in the air right before it rains. The smell reminds me of when I was early into my childhood ( from when I was 5 to when I was about 10 years old), when me and the kids in my old neighbourhood used to play outside until it would start pouring and we all went running back to our houses.

    My least favourite smell is probably the smell of anything burning. This is because it reminds me of car accidents and makes me feel like the air is really thick, which I don’t like. It reminds me of the times my parents and I have been in car accidents, and when my neighbours’ stove caught on fire.

    – Alexia Negrut

  27. I have a lot of favourite smells. My number one would definitely have to be petrichor, which is the smell associated with rain! the rain is my favourite thing, and i personally think the scent of rain is wonderful. i also love the smell of vanilla, and laundry detergent. my least favourite smell would definitely have to be eggs. i hate the scent so much, that i’ve never had an egg before just because just the thought of them grosses me out.


    • Hi Shaila,
      That is so interesting! Thank you so much for sharing! I also relate with the dislike of an egg smell, I must have eaten too much of it and gotten sick of the smell.

  28. My favourite smell is easily the smell of the Atlantic ocean on cool days. The mix of refreshment from the cool air and the overpowering smell of the salty ocean waters is the perfect match, even with the odd smell of fish or algae added into the mix, it’s perfect. The smell of the Atlantic is one of the only smells that makes me feel completely and utterly ALIVE.
    However, my least favourite smell, ironically, is the smell of crustaceans such as; crabs and lobsters, on their own. I’ve always feared the creatures of the open water and have never necessarily liked the taste of them either, so whenever the smell enters my nose without the hint of the oceans, I feel sick to my stomachs for multiple reasons.
    I think these two smells play such an important role in my memories because as a younger child visiting Nova Scotia and the ocean for the first time I fell in love with the view and the feeling of it all. So I think now when I have the faintest waft of the smell I can see my younger self seeing my favourite place for the first time on all aspects, both good and bad.

    – Nova Dupree

    • Hello Nova,
      I agree with you , the smell of crustaceans such as crabs and lobsters I find very unpleasant. Sometimes the pleasant smell of the ocean can be overpowered by the fishiness of all of the crustaceans and fish. I also find lobsters very overrated , every time I have one I am just disappointed .

    • Hi Nova, as someone who as unfortunately not had the opportunity to smell the Atlantic Ocean, I’ve had plenty opportunities to smell the Pacific Ocean and can honestly relate to the feeling alive part. I’m not sure if it is just here but to me I feel like each part of the ocean smells different? to me the Pacific Ocean smells like what the opposite of spring would be like not necessarily salty but musky? Because of the wide range of trees surrounding most of the oceans the scent is more of nature, greenery, and wood mixed with water then salt. At least the parts I have been to 🙂

      • I can totally agree with the different parts different types of smell thingy-thing. Both depending on how close you are to the water and on how close you are to other things, like trees and such, can completely change the way the entirety of the area smells. It’s funny though, seeing I’ve never put that together until you’d mentioned it, so thanks?!!

  29. The smell of lemon cake is one of my favourite smells. I like how it smells tangy but sweet and light. This smell reminds me of when I come home after a long day of school, and am greeted by the lovely smell and the joyful welcome from my parents. They always manage to lift my spirits if I ever feel down or not at my best. A smell that I dislike is the smell of oysters. Whenever I get a whiff of the scent of oysters, I hurry in the opposite direction. I believe that I hate oysters so much because of the memory of tasting sand in them once and never wanting to eat them again.

  30. I really like the smell of the Vancouver airport. I feel like it could be because every time I’m there, I’m going travelling, but I actually also just like the smell in the building. When I was little, I used to not live in Canada, but come here every summer break. I remember I loved coming off of the long plane flight and stepping into the airport and thinking that I really like the smell there. One of my least favourite smells the smell of stir fried bean sprouts. My grandma used to cook it and it had a really strong smell that filled the dinner table.

    • This is so relatable, for some reason YVR just has a very “nice” smell, even thought it is not sometimes pleasent, you get the thrill of travelling when going there, so rather then paying attention to the smell you pay attention to the amount of fun you are going to have when you reach the destination, but once you like leave the airport, you can like sense that the smell kind of changes and you kind of just miss it so going back makes you like “treasure” the moment, so when you come back your more excited!

  31. First, my favourite smell has to be lavender. I always have some scent in my room either through a candle or my diffuser. Generally, the smell of flowers is very pleasant to me. I would love to have real flowers in my room but I have a pollen allergy. That’s why I like to use essential oils and candles instead! Because of the calming effect of lavender, the smell always brings me back to a moment of relief. When I’ve been anxious or unable to sleep, I’ve relied on the smell of lavender to help me.

    Second, my least favourite smell is gasoline. As a kid, I would plug my nose at the gas station and hold my breath in the garage. I know some people actually enjoy the smell but I remember reading that it kills brain cells and that made me weirdly precautionary.

    Third, these smells relate to my memories of when I was a child. Because of the calming effect of lavender, the smell always brings me back to a moment of relief. When I’ve been anxious or unable to sleep, I’ve relied on the smell of lavender to help me. As for the smell I dislike, It reminds me of long uncomfortable road trips taken with my family when I was little. While the destination was enjoyable, the journey was not.

    • I love the smell of lavender too. It makes me relax when I am stressed and helps me concentrate before exams. I love the smell of lavender so much that I have a bunch of lavender soap at home.

  32. One of my favourite smells is the smell of the evening air as I take a walk around my neighbourhood. I love the crispiness of it and how satisfying it is. One thing that smell reminds me of is my trip to China a few years ago. I remember going outside in the evenings and smelling the air, which surprisingly smells similar to the air here, in Canada. My least favourite smell would be the smell of dirt. I think it smells so dirty and gross. Sniffing dirt makes me remember all the times in my childhood when my siblings and I found little insects and worms in the dirt in our yard, and we kept them in little jars and watched them slowly grow.

    • Hi Julie,
      I always thought that different countries would smell different from eachother, however, its interesting to find out they aren’t that different! I also like the smell of the evening air. It reminds me of when I use to go on walks with my dad!

  33. Stella Macdonald:

    My favourite smell is the smell of clothes coming out of the washer, I have no idea why I jus like the smell and I find it reminds me of my childhood. My least favourite smell is probably the smell of the crockpot, when I was little I remember getting home from school the smell of the crock pot and being mad because I hate crock pot dinners.

    By Stella Macdonald

    • Hello Stella,

      Thanks for sharing! I agree that the smell of clean clothes is very soothing. Interestingly, I think a lot of our favourite smells are associated with our childhoods. I can also relate to your disliked smell. As a child, I was a picky eater so there are many foods today that I still don’t like the smell of because of the associated memories. One food in that category for me would be khoresh karafs. It’s a Persian dish that has cooked celery in it and I still can’t eat it today. What foods included in the crock pit dinners do you dislike?

      Shieva Mokhtarnameh

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