Understanding The Aspects of Deforestation

This topic interests me because deforestation is a very serious problem across the world. I think that deforestation has a big impact on the environment and wildlife, and it needs to be stopped. By learning more about this topic and understanding it, I could do what I am capable of to help stop deforestation. I am mostly drawn to this topic because I really love animals and I would hate to see more species go extinct and their habitats possibly being destroyed due to this issue. 

Deforestation is the process of cutting or burning down large areas of forest to be used for other purposes at the fault of humans.(1)(2) This mostly takes place in tropical forest areas rather than places like Canada.(1)(2) Forest areas that are about the size of belgium are destroyed every year and around 2400 trees are cut down every minute. The amount of forest that covers the earth is approximately ⅓ less, most of which occurring within the past century.(1) Across the world, we have lost nearly 47000 square miles of forest and trees just since 2019 alone, and estimates state that since the beginning of the 20th century, we have lost 3.9 million square miles.(3) Since 1990 we have destroyed approximately a billion acres of trees and over the past 50 years about 17% of the Amazonian rainforest has been destroyed.(4)

Deforestation was mainly caused by gouvernemental projects but the main cause now is industrial factors.(1) The majority of deforestation is for the production of beef, soy and wood products. Another very common cause of forest destruction is to build plantations for the production of palm oil products over the forests.(3) More than half of deforestation is because of farming, grazing of livestock, mining, and drilling.(4)

Most deforestation is at the fault of humans. Many people illegally burn down, and cut down trees for their own use. Since August of 2019, humans have started more than 80000 fires, which is an increase of almost 80% since 2018.(3) The amount of destruction went up by 21% in 2020. Although most of deforestation is caused by humans, some of it occurs because of natural wildfires.(4) 



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  1. Hi Kaitlyn! I also find this topic very interesting, but also really sad. The impact deforestation has on the environment and wildlife is truly so upsetting, and I agree that it needs to be stopped. I hate that humans can be so selfish by cutting down trees illegally for their own benefit without even thinking about how it impacts the environment. I’m looking forward to reading your next posts, good luck! (:


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