Blog Post #3 Pt. 2

1.) This semester, my partner and I will head downtown with Kristi Blakeway to assist individuals experiencing homelessness. Since we all had busy schedules last semester, we only got to go out and do the action element of the project once. This time though, we’re going to make sure we get to help the homeless many times over the course of the next few months.  

2.) We’ve had success in informing Kristi that we’ll be continuing “Project HELLO” and sharing potential ideas and dates with her. Another success we’ve had is getting together with my partner and developing a list of possible tasks we could do before heading downtown. For example, care packages could be beneficial. 

3.) We haven’t had many challenges lately because everything is running nicely. However, if an issue does emerge, we will remain calm, maintain communication, and have various backup plans. One issue that could arise is that Kristi might be unavailable for a date. If this occurs, we can reschedule or go downtown by ourselves because we now have experience and know how to appropriately assist the homeless community. 

4.) As I already stated, my partner and I are brainstorming alternative activities to do before going downtown. One of the ideas is to put together care packages, which we hope to involve the community or our school in. This can help us be able to bring more donations downtown. In addition, my partner and I will undoubtedly request the assistance of our family and friends in raising funds. 


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