Blog Post #3 (pt. 2)

  1. My partner and I will be continuing our journey of going and helping the homeless like we did last semester. We will have the opportunity to go downtown with Kristi Blakeway and look at what homelessness is really like. Last semester we did a lot of planning, and it was hard to go downtown so we only had the opportunity to do it once so this semester we are going to try and do more!  
  2. So far this semester, my partner and I have had success in discussing what our next few steps are going to be. We are going to start off with going out and getting things that we can put together in care packages that we will eventually be able to hand out. Also, my partner and I have had success in contacting Kristi Blakeway and letting her know what we are planning to do.  
  3. Ever since we have continued our project since last semester, everything has so far been going very well. After all the troubles we faced last semester, we got over them and kept our heads up we have learnt from everything. A common thing that has happened a couple of times is finding dates that work for everyone so if that does happen, we will work our way around it. We can either find something else to do or go downtown ourselves (now that we have experience) If something does happen soon, we will know how to deal with it from our experience!  
  4. My partner and I have gone over many things to do before we go downtown to prepare. The first thing that we are going to do is put together care packages. By putting together care packages we hope that it will have an impact on all the people around us. As we know homelessness is a huge deal and needs to be addressed to everyone! We hope we can help with that!                                                                                                 

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  1. hey sydney! this is so great that you are continuing on something you are passionate about. i loved reading your blog post but a suggestion for next time could be telling us more about the organization and how we could help/ join it. i look forward to following your journey.

  2. Hi Sydney,
    I loved reading your post and I am so interested in knowing more about your action project. It sound great and it helps many people in need! One suggestion I have for you to maybe include in the future is to state what you put in your care packages. I’m sure many readers are also curious about that and we could give you advice about something else you could add. Other than that, enjoy your visits downtown and I would love to read more about your project in the future!

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