Blog Post #2: Project plan – “is humanity inherently “good” or inherently “evil”?

1. Provide three steps for your research with a brief explanation of how this information will lead to addressing your question.
2. Provide 5 valid sources that might be useful to address the question.
3. Explain how this question will have implications to other individuals and/or my community.

For my first round of research, I will be searching up questions in what situations and reasons that we may be believed or think that humanity is inherently evil, and who came up with the idea that we are naturally born evil initially. I believe that researching about this question would lead to the next question, balancing and comparing both sides so that I can come up with a result at the end. By searching this question, I want to prove that there are people out there who have different opinions and who may think that we are born evil.

My second round of research will cover all the evidence and ideas on how we are inherently good. This information will lead to addressing my main question as we cannot always rely on one side of an argument, therefore; we need an another point of view which are the reasons why humans may be born to be good. I will comprise people as evidence who believes that humanity is inherently good as well.

Finally, my last round of research will thoroughly examine and compare both perspectives and opinions to answer my main question based on which evidences I have provided the most.

This question will have implications to individuals because they would acknowledge the truth about human nature and behaviour which is beneficial in our future decision makings and help us to be a better person. It may also influence our community as knowing this information would ameliorate social interactions and human connections.


5 valid sources:,and%20even%20good%20over%20neutral.

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  1. Hey Tiffany!
    I love your topic! The question of whether humanity is being corrupted or kept in check by society had been discussed ever since Thomas Hobbes proposed the fact that humans are essentially evil, and the statement was rebutted by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. I think it’s a great idea to look at their arguments.
    I’ll look forward to your future posts!

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