Blog #3 – What are the different types of study habits/methods?

Studying is an essential to all student around the world, but being able to find a habit that can help you sucessed in your school career!

The question I will be researching for today is, what are the different types of study habits/methods? First, I wante dto start by explaning the different styles of learning as that is the key component to figuring out a mnethod of studying thast works for you. Personally I am a (1) reading/writing type of learning for topics such as socials, english, and sceince, but for math I am a visual learner, just because personally I need to be able to see how it is done, explaning will not give me much help. You do not need to “label” yourself as one type of a learner because learning styles change, and you could perosnally have a lerning style that hasn’t been “named” and works perfectly fine for you. Moving onto the actual study habits, I found out that (2), the most popular types of studying are called Retrival stusying, which is bascially using flashcards, and remebering to answer kind of quickly in order to remeber the questions answer. This can also mean creating quizes for yourselfm making your own questions in order to remeber the material you are to be tested on.
Second, I found that the SQ3R method (survey, questions, read, revise, review) has become popular because instead of speedly putting information into the human brain, it slowly but “effectivily” helps the brain, the mind understand what th ematerial is, how it works, and how a solution can be created for it. The last method that I saw lots when reesarching about study methods, I saw something called the Feynman technique, which is bascially you teaching “someone else” or acting like your teaching someone else the material that you are learning. Though it may look wierd talking to yourself, this method can really help because if you are able to explain a whole topic to someone else without trouble that means that you yourself understand that topic to full capacity. while researching, the time of studying came up lots, as many know usually studying is left for the last minute (in some cases) so many people do all-nighters to understand the material, but actually the recommended studying time is (3) actually dependent on morning or night. Studying in the morning is very effective because the human mind is the most active in the morning, but it is only effective to study in the morning when you have had a good night sleep, if you have not slept well the morning times will not so you any good. Talking about sleeping, the recommended times for studying at night is around dinner times, this option is good for those who live with other people (most of us all) because during the dinner times you tend to have an hour or two of studying topics left in you. The last times that stuyding is recommended is the afternoon at around 2pm-5pm. This is the time when the brain can be very effcient with its work because it is awake, working and can process new information quite quickly. So for those who always do all-nighter, try spacing out your study topics through out all the afternoons you have until the test day. To summerize the top study methods that have become veyr popular, they are the SQ3R method, Retrival Practice, and Feyman Technique, and those will be the topics i will be researching more into depth about on the next blog post! Thank you for reading!!


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  1. Hey Negar! I have really enjoyed reading your post! It is pretty current and important to always change our habits methods by improving them or changing them completely. Study is basically to keep the focus on what one reads and many factors can either help us or get us distracted. Many details we do not take into consideration are our posture, the lightbulb’s colour that is lighting us or even our environment which can also interfere in a bad way.
    Thanks for taking your time to explain to us the different methods that exist and we can also use them.
    Some sources that might help you further on:

  2. Hey Negar, cool post! Throughout my high school years, I have noticed more and more the importance of studying and doing so efficiently; gone are the days when I could just sit on my hands and get good grades. Not only do I have to pay close attention to my teacher and take notes, I also have to put in a good amount of time to study the material if I want to perform well on tests. I’m really happy that you mentioned the Feynman technique, as it’s a technique I find myself unintentionally using quite a bit. Helping classmates understand concepts is something I really enjoy doing, so knowing that it improves my comprehension at the same time makes it even better!

    Some resources you may find useful are:,is%20definitely%20peace%20and%20quiet.,to%20one's%20health%2C%20especially%20posture.

  3. Hi Negar! I really enjoyed reading your blog post! Especially the explanations for the different types were very interesting. The only thing I’d change is creating paragraphs for every learn type. I think it would be much more organized and easier to read. But overall that’s just an optic thing and, as I said, your post is more than interesting and good to read! Already excited to read your next work! Helene

  4. Hi Negar,
    Your post helped me realize if I cannot understand work in a certain way, there are other ways to help me comprehend better. It was a bit hard to read your research, I think it would be easier to read if you spaced it out. I am a procrastinator, are there any habits/ideas to fix this? I know many people who procrastinate and this information would help us a lot so hopefully, you could research this. Here is a source that might help,

  5. Hey Negar! I loved reading your post, and I found it so interesting about all the different ways you can study and the best times to do it. One thing I would recommend for your future posts is to space out the paragraph a bit more. This will make it easier to read! I’m looking forward to your next post, good luck (:


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