Tendons and Ligaments

Hello, It’s me Karl, and I’m from Middleton regional high school. I’m doing this post for my inquiry project. I will be talking about tendons and ligaments. I will talk about how they work and what they are made of to help you understand what they are. I will go over some points from the notes I gathered to help you understand better. Make sure you ask any questions in the comments after you are done reading and feel free to use any links by any of the footnotes corresponding to the correct point you want to see where I got the information. 

Ok, the first thing there is to talk about our tendons and what they are made of. The main cells that make up the tendon are spindle-shaped tenocytes. (1) Tenocytes are the mature tendon cell that is found throughout the tendon structure. (1) Tenoblasts are the immature tendon cell that is also spindle-shaped that then mature into tenocytes. (1) Tenoblasts usually hang out in clumps and are free from collagen fibers. (1) Collagen fibers are a group of proteins that are inelastic fibers with really good tensile strength and connect the tendon and ligament fibers together. (1) Tendons are highly organized connective tissue that connects your muscles to your bones. (2)

These tissues come in many different shapes and sizes and are made up of many ground substances and fibers. (2) Tendons are great at withstanding a very high force that they then transmit the force from the muscle to the bone. It’s like a shock absorber that is flexible so that it can bend between joints. (2) Ligaments on the other hand are way more stretchy and elastic than tendons. (3) Ligaments look like cords made up of connective tissue and elastic fibers that are stretchy. (3) There are over 900 ligaments in your body and most of them are in your arms and legs. (3) L ligaments can be white, yellow, or even pink. (3). Ligaments hold your bone in place to strengthen your joints. (3) Ligaments make sure your joints cant twist and keep your bones and muscles stabilized. (3)

Ligaments are good at preventing dislocation of your joints. (3) Anyway this was my explanation of tendons and Ligaments of what they are made of, how they work, and their properties. I hope you enjoyed my project and feel free to leave a comment If you have any questions 


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