Blog Post #2

Exposition: My story is about a girl that is in an abusive relationship, that eventually realizes that self-love is extremely important. The story takes place in Britain.

Point of Attack: The problem is that this girl is looding herself in a relationship that isnt good for her. Her goal is to find a way out of the relationship.

Rising Action: Her significant other will not let her leave.

Climax: She runs away, but now she has nowhere to go.

Falling Action: She won the battle, but she still has to figure out where to go.

Resolution: She finds a family to take her in, and finds friends within the neighbourhood.


Thank you for reading!

this section does not have much information yet, but the story will only get more progressive.

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  1. Hey Alexiane,
    I’m very intrigued by your story and can’t wait to see more updates from you. The topic is a very important one we need to talk bout. Educating ourselves more about toxic and abusive relationships is necessary. I also think it’s wonderful that in your story you demonstrate that it is possible for your character to get out of her abusive relationship.
    Keep up the good work & good luck!

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