action blog post #2

  1. what im planning on doing is volunteering and training for a horse rescue in my community, we tae in surrenders and save horses from auction/ slaughter.
  2. some complexity i will face is definitely training, im planning on training and leasing troubled horses and it can be dangerous and difficult.
  3. helping and training rescue animals is what i want to do when im older so its experience for me but its also helping horses that would have been killed go into lovely homes.
  4. its sustainable because, ive been volunteering there for over 2 years so im familiar with the operation and have enough experience to make a real difference.
  5. my expert is kris, she the owner and operator of the rescue ranch.

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  1. Hi Stella,
    This sounds like such a valuable mission! I really hope you will be able to save as many horses as possible. Make sure to stay safe!
    – Alexia

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