Blog post 2

1.) Provide a summary of the action you are planning and how are you going to start.

Last semester, my group and I decided to do ocean cleanups around our community. We decided to do a continuation of that, maybe tweak a couple things just to keep it new and different. One of the differences right now is that we added a new member to our group, Ceilidh. Just like last semester, we will be organizing cleanups every other week, picking up as much garbage as possible, and help keep our community clean. The challenge is going to be aligning all our schedules and pick a day and time to do the cleanups. We have not yet discussed our goal for this semester.

2.) One lesson in the talk is that ‘Everything is complicated’. Can you explain some of the complexity that you will face in your action?

Nothing in life comes easily. It is obvious that the harder you work, the better the outcome. With this in mind, I am looking forward to facing many obstacles and. challenging that are going to be thrown my way. When i am  faced with challenges, I see it as something positive because it is a great learning opportunity. In my opiniion, learning from your mistakes is one of the most efficient ways to learn. There are many possible complexities that we can face in our action. For instance, the weather will not always be in our favour, which might slow down the cleanup process. Another possible factor could be the way we get to the location. To get to the locations, we depend on someone to drive us there. We might not always find a ride. Some days might be more successful than others, but this will not discourage us. We are a determined group that is willing to make an extra effort to reach our goal.

3.) Is this action sustainable? Provide some specific examples to support your reasoning.

I believe that ocean cleanups are sustainable. With the topic of climate change repedetely being brought up in conversations because of its severety, ocean cleanups can be a very sustainabe way to make a change in a global scale. Not many people have the priviledge to do something extreme to help out the earth. Which means that they revert to ocean cleanups because it is a very good way help the environment, even if it is not something where you will be able to see emmidiate results. The ocean covers a huge amount of the earth, which means that it is in more need of maintenance. Ocean cleanups help maintain the ocean, and insuring it stays clean and that there are no harms such as plastic going anywhere near it.

4.) Is this action providing opportunity? How will you ensure you are making the positive impact that you intend?

This action project does provide opportunities for those in our community with similar interests and a passion to help out.This is an excellent way to make sure we are doing whatever we can to reach our goal, and increase the impact our action will have on a global scale. In order to ensure we are making the positive impact that we intend, we will consistently do cleanups. As mentioned before, we will go to a different location biweekly. This will effectively increase the impact our action has on the environment, as well as make it more efficient.

We do not have an expert consultant helping us in our project this semester.

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