Blog Post #2: Time travelling- A mere concept or a new beginning?

First of all, my starting point will be how this topic has started to grow a whole century ago, who were the people related to it and the ones who have come to conclusions to understand how it works. For this, I will be doing some research about history, science and you probably will get stunned when I get to find out that Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking have dedicated their lives to investigating and creating possible theories which have been accurate so far.

Next, people tend to relate time-traveling to science-fiction which is partially true but not quite. In fact, this can really happen with the adequate technology and tools developed we could actually reach it and whether people believe it or not, we are growing really fast to get to it. A good example of hope and future is the ISS (stands for International Space Station), which velocity gets to 11km/s.

Finally, getting to interfere with the timeline could cause multiple changes in our lives as we know it currently. Certainly, in that possible case, I will be explaining differences with paradox, time loops, butterfly effect, and alternative realities.


How will this question implicate other individuals and/or my community?

I think that I will help individuals to understand how this whole idea of time-traveling was just, a century ago, only ideas and fantasy but can become a real project one day, some years from now.


I will be using these 5 sources for my investigations:


And for a little more:

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  1. Hi Andrea! I love this topic question because you can truly find out many things about the topic, becausr thought the fiction part is known to be more popular the factual information about time travel is so much more intresting to read about! There is a short story called All You Zombies, which has a very large and confusing time travel storyline, mayeb reading this short story can give you another perspective about time travel! Good luck on your research!
    – Negar

  2. hi andrea,

    I found that your topic is very interesting. especially how time travel is one of the biggest topics or ideas in movies or tv shows. I found that it is interesting how in you the last topic will talk about the different loops, effects, and alternative realities. maybe you can try to incorporate the mendela effect as that is a big topic that is trending on social media.

    here are some resources that you could use that may help with your research!,upon%20returning%20to%20the%20present.

    goodluck with the rest of your research!


  3. HI Andrea!
    I love your topic so much, I feel like many think that that time travel is really just a hoax, but I love your incorporation of Stephen hawking and Albert Einsteins supported theories!

    Something I was recently told by my physics teacher is that it is impossible to go back in time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t time travel to the future. what’s your opinion on that?

    Here are some links that you might find interesting!
    Good luck on your research!!

  4. Hi Andrea.
    I’ve always been curious about this topic, I’ve always wondered if it exists or if it is just a myth. However, philosophers and writers of fiction, notably science fiction, have long understood the concept of time travel.
    I’ve included some links you might find helpful as you conduct your research.
    Good luck 🙂

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