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What are the reasons behind our concern for our physical well-being?
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1. My first step will be to discuss the connections between physical health and mental health. There is a high risk of chronic health conditions in people with serious mental health conditions. Both psychological and physical health are equally significant and shouldn’t be neglected. A person’s health is a vital aspect of his or her life. This is not just in the context of a pandemic, but also in the actions they perform every day, in a routine and preventative manner. To be able to complete our activities, manage the stress of daily life, be productive at work or in our personal lives, and contribute positively to society, we must be in proper physical shape.
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2. In my second step, I will discuss how physical health can help prevent some diseases, both physiological and mental. Regular physical activity improves your health, fitness, and quality of life. Also, it reduces your risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancers, depression, anxiety, and dementia. This may reduce your chance of getting a cold, flu, or other illness.

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3. For my last step, I will provide information about how the pandemic has impacted our physical well-being. While we are working to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities from the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), physical activity is probably not a priority. Being physically active is essential for staying healthy. As physical activity improves the function of numerous physiological systems, it helps prevent and/or treat many physical and mental health problems. In the first place, physical activity may help reduce the severity of VOCID-19 infections.

How will this question implicate other individuals and/or my community?

This will help a lot of individuals understand the impact of our physical health on our lives. It is vital since it can improve the quality of your life when conducted regularly.


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  1. Hi Daniela! I really like how you put the steps of your research in so much detail, it really shows the passion and excitment you have for this research.
    Here is an article that may bring more wonders that you may be looking for, possibly creating more questions, or leading you to an answer or a summerization of how Covid-19 has been effecting us all, and how it has limited us to become healthier both physically and mentally. Good luck on your research!!

  2. hi daniela,

    this is a great topic as i found it to also relate with your inquiry question. I found that at times when your mental health is burnt your body tends to feel more tired. As well as the same when you don’t get enough sleep you tend to not understand or comprehend any of the lessons that you learned in school. I found that going on a walk also clears my mind from stress so, this topic would be really interesting for me to read.

    here are some resources that may help you with your reserach:,self%2Desteem%20and%20cognitive%20function.&text=Exercise%20has%20also%20been%20found,self%2Desteem%20and%20social%20withdrawal.,of%20developing%20poor%20mental%20health.

    goodluck with your research!


  3. Hey Daniela,
    Such a great topic you have chosen for the second semester! Mental health should really matter to all of us and should be one of our most important concerns and due to this pandemic, a lot of us have surely neglected it. Thank you for taking your time to investigate the many ways we can help ourselves.

    Some sources that could help you along with your investigation:

  4. Hi Daniela,
    Your topic is so cool! I love learning about health and have also studied physical and mental health in one of my research rounds about how important they are to humans, in general. Being physically active is very important, as it could lead to a healthy body and a healthy mind. As a result, I am very fascinated by your topic and am eager to learn more from you. Great job!

    Some links that might help:,Updated%3A%2009%2F22%2F2021,childhood%20and%20adolescence%20through%20adulthood.

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