Blog post #2- What impact did Napoleon Bonaparte have in our world?

Napoleon was best known for his military successes, and he was a great military general who had changed both France and the whole of Europe forever.

First, I will research the Napoleonic code and modern laws of European countries, including France, Switzerland, and Italy. And I will also compare Napoleonic Code to modern-day Canadian law because France had colonized Canada back in the days, and I believe some excellent parts of the Napoleonic Code can be found hidden in it. Secondly, I will research Napoleon’s impact on the countries that he had spread the idea of revolution and had created sister republics similar to France. Thirdly, I will explore both the good and wrong side of Napoleon, including the war casualties, crimes committed during the war, inhuman actions, and discoveries.

Here are some websites that I will be using.,from%20750%2C000%20to%20three%20million.’s%20French%20expedition%20marked%20the,of%20hieroglyphics%20in%20the%201820s.

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    • Hello Aleah,
      Thank you for commenting on my post and for the websites that I can use for research, those are some very unique articles that I have not seen yet.

  1. Hey Scott! This is such a cool inquiry topic! I’m really a sucker for learning about history and the many great people that have helped shape it. Napoleon is most definitely one of those important people and was one of the most influential individuals in European history. For that reason and many more, including his peculiar personality and stubbornness, I am very much looking forward to reading your future blog posts. Great work!

    Some sources you may find useful are:–equality–fraternity/napoleonic-experience

    • Hello Victor,
      Thank you for your kind comment, and I really appreciate the websites that you had included in your comments and I will definitely use the websites for more information and to improve my research.

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