Blog#2: What is the relationship between social anxiety and suicide?


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My topic is what is the relationship between social anxiety and suicide. As I’ve said in my previous post, social anxiety is a fast-growing phenomenon that is thought to be unfairly affecting younger people. Social anxiety and suicidal ideation is toxic cycle we all have to try and break, especially with covid. I’ve decided that I want to start off by explaining the phenomenon of social anxiety in teens, then how suicide ideation affects teens, and finish off by addressing my topic, the relationship between social anxiety and suicide. I hope this would raise awareness for Social Anxiety and how we could support our peers who might/ have this mental illness. The show of support is cruical, and through understanding its effects we can gain a deeper sense of the seriousness around this topic.

Blog 3: Phenomenon of social anxiety in teens

The rapid increase of teens diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder is concerning and it may lead to the risk of other mental health problems later in life such as depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, and even suicidal ideation. It’s important to address the issue and root cause of social anxiety among us, as well as the symptoms and how we could help.

Blog 4: Suicide ideations and their effect on teens

Often caused by untreated mental illnesses, suicide amongst teenagers is usually associated with self-doubt, pressure, disappointments and loss. Not only does it affect the person with the ideation, but it also affects everyone around them. Mental health is now more openly discussed on social media, is it necessarily a positive affair to be discussed publicly?

Blog 5: The relationship between social anxiety and suicide

To answer my inquiry question, what is the relationship between social anxiety and suicide? And why is it important that we adress both? Is there a direct link between the 2, and what is the contributing factor?

5 useful sources:

Depression Symptoms in Teens: Why Today’s Teens Are More Depressed Than Ever

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  1. Hi Ronnie, your description of this has fascinated me. Suicide may seem like a solution to some teens’ problems. When a young person dies from overwhelming hopelessness or frustration, it is devastating to their family, friends, and community.
    You might find these links helpful in your research.

  2. Hello Ronnie,
    Your blog post is fantastic; the number of teens that have died from suicide had a drastic increase since the 2000s; I have wondered the reason behind it many times, but I was too lazy to do any research on it.
    Here are some websites that might help you with your research.
    Good luck with your research!

  3. Hi Ronnie,
    I love how you laid out your blog post. It is very clear and I know exactly what you will be talking about which is very helpful. I can tell you are very organized so good job on that. I think this topic is very relevant and extremely important so it is an amazing topic choice to bring more awareness. While I know there is a relationship between suicide and anxiety, I do not know the statistics about it and think that would very interesting and eye-opening to see. I see you have added great resources, but i thought I would provide you with a few more to help your research.,%25%20CI%3A%201.40%E2%80%932.08)

    I wish you all the best in your research and will definitely be keeping up with your future posts.
    Chantal M.

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