Blog post #2

Blog #2: Project plan
1. Provide three steps for your research with a brief explanation of how this information will lead to addressing your question. 

  1. What is the prison industrial complex? 

This will help me and others who read my post really under stand the prison industrial complex. I think this will be a good starting point for my research so I can better comprehend journals and articles for my following blog posts. 

  1. What Marginalized groups are affected by the prison industrial complex  

This will help answer my big question as it will help me better understand exactly what groups are affected by the prison industrial complex, also I think it will be important to know what groups of people are affected more. I would also research how the prison industrial complex affects people that belong to multiple marginalized groups, how their different forms of intersecting oppression affect how they are impacted by the prison industrial complex. 

  1. How does the prison industrial complex affect their lives, day to day lives, and in the long run. Also is the term “prison industrial complex still relevant here in so called Canada. 

I think it will help to see how it affects their day-to-day lives as well as how it affects their lives in the long run. I think it will be interesting to see how the term prison industrial complex is relevant /could be relevant to so called Canada, as the term prison industrial complex is often associated with the United States.  

  1. Provide 5 valid sources that might be useful to address the question. 

  1. Explain how this question will have implications for other individuals and/or my community.

This research could help people learn about how the prison industrial system affects so many people in marginalized groups. This could also help people gain perspective on how the term prison industrial complex is just as relevant here in “Canada” as it is in the “united states”. 

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  1. Hi Sammie,
    I’m very glad that you want to research about marginalized groups that are affected by mass incarceration, even more that you want to explore intersectionality. Intersectionality is a concept that a lot of people forget when it comes to the marginalized groups that are affected. Here are some links that I believe could help you with your research!

    Hope this helps with your research!

  2. Hi Sammie,
    I’m very interested in your topic! I have always been interested in whether people treat marginalized groups differently on occasion or not, and I have always wondered how big of a difference they treated them. Marginalized groups have always been thought of as “different,” and you could say, “aboriginal.” Because of that, I am deeply intrigued by your field of study and can’t wait to learn more from your future blog posts. Best of luck!

    Here are a couple of sources you may find helpful:

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