Blog Post #1: Inquiry project

My inquiry question for this second semester is: is humanity inherently “good’ or inherently “evil”?

This question is interesting and fascinating for me because human behaviours have recently been one of my curious topics to know more about. Since there is not a clear answer for these type of questions, I find it more appealing to do some research about as you go more in depth without having a direct response to a question. I want to research on this question because sometimes society and humanity can not always be certainly bad or evil, however it can not be necessarily good as well. I believe learning more about human behaviours is important to our society because we can make it better through doing so.

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  1. Hello Tiffany,
    Your inquiry topic is a really interesting one, I have personally always wondered whether all humans were born evil, or are they born to be good and were affected by our society? As someone who likes history, I do not want to admit that all humanity is evil, but all the wrong actions that we have done made me doubt that. I am looking forward to seeing your future blog posts. Good luck!

  2. Hello tiffany ,
    Your inquiry topic piqued my interest as it is sort of similar to my inquiry project of last semester (are humans naturally inclined to be selfish) . I am very exited to see your future blog posts .I think that researching weather or not humans being inherently evil/good is linked to their upbringing would be interesting , and could potentially be helpful in coming to your conclusion. Good luck !

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