Blog #1: Why are dreams hard to remember

“Why are dreams hard to remember?” is the question I chose for my semester 2 inquiry project.

Why Do We Dream? Science Offers a Few Possibilities | Discover Magazine

I chose to research on dreams because it is a fascinating topic many often think about. I chose this question to understand why some of us remember some dreams while others remember none. I sometimes wonder why I only remember my dreams where something extremely realistic happens or something extremely scary. I hope you stick around and stay as I research my inquiry question “Why are dreams hard to remember?”.

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  1. Hey anannya!

    This is such an interesting topic! Personally I remember almost all of my dreams, and I’ve always thought that it’s so strange how some people remember their dreams, and others don’t. Maybe for your research you can look into what dreams really mean, and why we sometimes have such vivid dreams! I’m looking forward to reading your future blog posts, good luck!

  2. Hi Anannya,
    your blog post really caught my eye because your question has been a question I have wondered about for a very long time now. It is definitely a unique inquiry question that differs from the others. 50% chance of the time I can’t remember my dreams either, but I actually surprise myself when I wake up feeling that what I experienced in my sleep felt so real. There’s a saying that if you remember your dreams when you wake, then it was a sign and nor a dream 😮. I think one minor topic you may want to talk about in future blog posts is what makes dreams so real? Are dreams just a figment of our imagination, or are they created based on our thoughts and experiences in the daytime? Those are just some questions I have always wondered and maybe you can think about it as well!
    Hope this helps,

  3. Hi Anannya,
    This truly is a fascinating subject that you picked. Great choice! I will definitely stick around to find out more about it. One suggestion I would make is to be more specific about the question you are going to focus on, instead of just saying “dreams”. I would love to know the research behind why and what type of dreams people remember more. I think it could also be really cool if you touch on why we wake up at certain parts of our dreams, and how long do we have after we wake up to forget the dreams we initially think we’ll remember. Here are a few links that may help you research:

    Good luck!
    Chantal M.

  4. Hey Anannya!
    I often wonder why I don’t remember my dreams as much as my friend does. This is such an interesting topic! I’ve read that we usually have multiple dreams in our sleep, but we tend to only remember the one closes to our wake up time. Here are some useful links:

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