Action Post #2 (Pt.2)

Kristi Blakeway has been contacted by a friend and I about engaging in “Project HELLO” again. This is a program in which she seeks to influence people’s attitudes toward homeless people. She wants to dispel prejudices and gain a better understanding of their life. I’m in communication with her right now, and we’re talking about volunteer options. On weekends, we’re considering going downtown or locally with her and taking a less fortunate individual out to lunch. To learn about their hardships, because they deserve to be shared and recognized. We’ll also start by crafting them care packages and cards. Also, to determine if we can effectively provide opportunities and help. We’re doing this action project again because we only got to go downtown once the prior season, so hopefully we’ll be able to go at least three more times.

One of the challenges I’ll have in this action is ensuring that I ask the proper questions while enquiring about someone’s background because you must be careful not to insult, offend, or provoke them. That is why you must read the room, identify when it is appropriate to simply listen, and grasp the tone of someone’s speech and body language. Another issue, in this case, is avoiding giving someone in need anything unnecessary or potentially hazardous. That is why, rather than presuming what someone needs, you should learn about their situation and give them something that will last. That is why it is important to give opportunities for them so that they can continue to function even if you are not around.

This action is sustainable because we are allowing the homeless to tell their stories and have them shared with the community. Since we are allowing the homeless to speak their tales and have them shared with the community, our activity is long-term. It’s necessary to be heard, valued, and respected. So, this project has the potential to open people’s eyes and get us closer to ending the stigma associated with homelessness. This opportunity could help them reconnect with long-lost relatives, open new opportunities for them, and receive the care they require. For example, the last time my partner and I went downtown with Kristi, we met a man named Daniel. We met up with him at Tim Hortons and learned about his journey. He was thrilled to have someone to talk to and hang around. We also used Facebook to look for his siblings. Due to the obvious closeness we had formed, it was really difficult to leave him in the end. So hopefully we’ll be able to reach out to him the next time we’re downtown.

Yes, this action is providing opportunity because instead of handing things to them we are the ones learning from them. This changes our perceptions of homeless people as uneducated by demonstrating that they can teach us important life lessons. We can assist them in getting started by presenting them with new opportunities that will allow them to begin on a path that they prefer. We can offer them the slight boost they need to open new doors and overcome their obstacles by lending a helpful hand. Following Kristi’s “How You Can Help The Homeless: 7 Holiday Tips,” I’ll make sure I have the good influence I want to have.

The Tips:

  1. GiveAppropriate Gifts Using The Same Logic You Use When You Gift The Ones You Love 
  2. Take Time 
  3. Respect The Neighborhood 
  4. Use Your Judgment 
  5. Consider Another Time of Year
  6. Volunteer Your Time
  7. Find Out What People Need

Kristi Blakeway is my expert. She’s a teacher, a leader, and a mentor. “Project HELLO” is her creation. This is a homeless assistance initiative where they may share their experiences and learn about new alternatives. She was born and raised in Coquitlam, British Columbia. For high school, she attended Charles Best Secondary.  At this high school, she also became a counselor and acting vice president. Kristi is  also the author of the book “Beyond HELLO!” After conducting some research on her, I discovered that we all have a unique narrative to tell and that many individuals today are misunderstood and unjustly judged.

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  1. Hi Mahdyia,
    Your steps for action are so detailed. I think it’s very considerate that you are being mindful not to offend anyone and brave for meeting with the less fortunate people. A suggestion I have is why not try helping a bigger population than an individual? Of course, it would be difficult to take everyone out for lunch, but maybe give a little care package to multiple homeless people.

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