Action Blog Post 2

  1. For my action project my partner and I will be continuing our action project from the last semester. We will be helping the homeless! We will be doing things like going downtown and handing out care packages. We will continue to see Kristi Blakeway and go downtown with her. We will start off by making a list of things to get for care packages then, we will go to the store and get the supplies. Then we will eventually deliver them! Kristi has been going downtown for many years, hearing their stories and taking them for lunch. She has a blog that posts her experiences on!  
  2. Although we will be taking as many precautions as possible, we will have to be respectful to the people that live on the streets. That is their home and all they have. So, we must respect them and their homes. No matter where we are we must also be careful because (though not all homeless people) many homeless people do drugs, and the environment can be very bad. 
  3. Yes, this action project is sustainable, and it will impact us and how we picture life in the future. Not only will it impact us, but it will also impact many people that we tell the stories about our experiences too.  
  4. This action provides opportunity, and this has a positive impact on my partner and me. After going and seeing everything downtown, helping the homeless and hearing their stories. This opportunity will impact the way we think and the actions we take!  


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