Action post #1

1. My three important values are equality, innovation, and helping. My three least important values are friendship, spiritual growth, and family

2. I definitely do agree with them and now looking back these are the exact same as the ones that I picked in September. One that I would disagree with though is friendship because I definitely do value it.

3.One situation I would need to use my values is the animal rescues that I work for we’re always figure it out new ways to help animals and get them adopted which uses innovation and helping.

4.again a future situation where I would use my values is definitely the animal rescues that I work for, especially fostering dogs because I trained the misbehave dogs in order to better get them adopted which is definitely considered helping.



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  1. Hey Stella,
    I’m excited to see what animals you get to work with at the rescue this semester! I think it’s fantastic that you foster and train dogs because all animals, whether they misbehave or not, deserve love. Don’t forget to take pictures along the way!

    Mahdiya A.

  2. Hi Stella! I love that you work for an animal rescue, because it can give you many chances such as this one to help each pet that still needs a home. I read that you were looking to find new ways to help the animals become adopted, and a way i can suggest is by social media if you are ot already trying it! any type of public knowledge will always let people know that there are animals that are in need of a permenant home. Whether it be a post of Instagram, or a flyer of some sort in a Starbucks, any type of advertisement can help! I know this might sound too basic but i also suggest maybe using tiktok, beause thought it can be weird sometimes, if enough people see it, and maybe share it lots of people will know about the animals more! That is my suggestion for you and i hope the animal rescue find more people looking for pets!

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