Blog #2 – Study Methods + more!

  1. What are the different types of study methods? 

In This part of my research I will be searching deep into the study methods that are most popular throughout the world, because thought there are many the popular ones are always those which are recommended. This section of my question can help me focus on certain parts of studying because in more depth there are thouasands of ways to study, and thousands more if subjects are factored in. Gaining the idea of which study ideas are the most popular takes me a step closer to how I can find a successful study habit for me, as well as give ideas for successful study habits for others, as everyone has different study types.

2.  Which study methods are accurate/beneficial. 

This section of my question goes into the accuracy of the study habits I will find in the first section topic. The study methods that I find can only be popular because they “look nice”, so finding the accuracy and the true nature of the method can help sort of “eliminate” study methods/habits that are used/or are only popular because of their looks. Now just because in my research I “state” that the method is not “accurate” does not mean it is not accurate for you guys! Study methods depend on the person, and it can totally be great for you, while it is not great for me or others. But this question can help me expand the key points to look for when trying to find a study method that helps me, and possibly others that have yet to find a method that they feel works for them.

3. How do study method/habits help people, and how do they affect people?

This question I will finilize the study habit I found to be the best option for me, and possibly others who find that it can also work for them, and og in depth of explaning how this method works, and how someone can change the method to make it see fit for them. But I also want to focus on how this method, and how other methods affect the human mind, and how they can help people around the world. How any method, including the main one that I will find can help, and how it excatly help inform information, and to give the information out in the case of a test or a quiz, or simply knowledge.

Here are 5 helpful links to articles that can get everyone started on knowing about study methods and the different types!

How will this question impact other individuals and/or the community?

This question can impact everyone greatly because the most memerible time of ones life are their school times, whether it was extremely hard, not the best time, or amazing for some, this is a memory everyone will always have, and this time is also the most important for some as school life, thje education and the grades do matter for some peoples choices, for their future. Those intrested into going to university, collage or any sort of learning facility, need the skill to study because a test, quiz or any type of assesment will always be needed, and in order to gain a grade you can be satisfied with, you need to be able to store information and to know the material you are being tested on. Studying is unavoidable in school, so if being able to find a method that will help myself and others for the rest of our school lives, then the school years will hopefully pass by more smoothly and easily.

Thanks for reading! :3

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  1. Hi Negar,
    I really like your inquiry question this semester because I think it is very useful to people, especially high school students who are always trying to study to improve their grade. Your post is also very detailed and I am sure many other students feel the same way. Here is a link I find that might be able to help you with your research:
    I will definitely be using some of your skills and advice to help me study for a test in the future!
    Good luck,

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