Blog #2: Project Plan – Why Do Plants Differ From One Another?

Provide three steps for your research with a brief explanation of how this information will lead to addressing your question:

Inquiry Question: Why do plants differ from one another?

(Mainly comparing desert plants vs tropical forestry plants)

Habitat difference

  • What is a desert?
  • What is a tropical forest?
  • How are they different?

Resource availability

  • Do desert plants have more or fewer resources?
  • Do tropical forestry plants have more or fewer resources?
  • How are they different?

Animals that live near their habitat

  • What animals live near-desert plants? How does that affect them?
  • What animals live near forestry plants? How does that affect them?
  • How are they different?

 Provide 5 valid sources that might be useful to address the question:

How are plants different from each other?

Why are there so many plants?

Why Do You See Various Shades Of Green In A Garden?

Explain how this question will have implications to other individuals and/or my community:

I believe that this question will teach other individuals and/or my community that our ecosystem is very diverse and unique, and that we should all work together to fight climate change, to support our irreplaceable world. To progress closer to this goal, I wish to inform others through my blog posts about how special our world is and that it can never be redesigned. I hope that we can all learn useful and inspiring information through my research.

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  1. Hey Karen!
    I love your topic! It serves such importance to our community. I love how your project plan is easy to understand, yet it covers the dept of your topic. I never wondered why all plants are different and what their functions were, and I’m looking forward to learning something new!
    Here are somethings that might help:

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