About me!

Hello, My name is Kaitlyn Spencer and I am 16 years old. I am from Nova Scotia, Canada and I attend MRHS (Middleton Regional High School).

I am currently in grade 10 at my school and myfavourite subject would have to be Mode de Vie Actif which is part of our integraded french program. I have been take thing program since 7th grade and I really enjoy being able to learn and understand a new language other than my own.

In the free time I have when I am not focused on my schooling, I am usually at wotk. I wotk at Tim Hortons which is a very popular coffee shop in Canada. When I am not focused on school or work I enjoy hanging out with my friends and being outside.

I am currently writing this about me post for my Science 10 inquiry project which I am doing on deforestation and I’m excited to learn more about this topic and ways we can prevent it to save our earth.

Overall, I hope to learn a loy on this website from reading everyones post, and I hope someone will learn at least one thing from my post 🙂

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