About me ;)

Hello, my name is Aiyana and I’m from Wilmot, Nova Scotia.  I go to MRHS in Middleton, Nova Scotia.  I am 15 years and in grade 10.  My favorite subject in school is math because I’m good at it.  In the summer, I love swimming and biking.  There’s a trail from my subdivision to the highway that I love walking through with my friends.  I am in the Air Cadet program and it’s fun.  I am currently training to get my Gliders’ Pilots License.  When I grow up, I want to be a Psychiatrist.  Thanks for reading :).

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  1. Hey Aiyana!

    My name is Shaila and I go to Charles Best Secondary school in Coquitlam British Columbia. I also love swimming and biking! I’m so excited for summer so I can do that all the time. And when I grow up I also want to be a psychiatrist! You seem like such a cool person and I’m looking forward to reading your next posts (:

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