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hello! my name is Oceane Hubert, as you may be wondering my name is pronounced like this ( o-sea-Ann) but everyone calls me ocean… yes like the body of water. i’m 16 and attend the Middleton regional high school in Middleton nova Scotia, Canada (mrhs), and i think my favorite subject would definitely have to be English and history. i am a french Canadian, i grew up in Ontario and then moved to Alberta where i learned to speak English, i am now fully bilingual and can fluently speak both of my countries national languages. On my free time i like to watch crime solving documentaries and i one day inspire to work in a place that would benefit from the skills i have acquired watching this shows 24/7, i love playing hockey as it also takes the majority of my time, my teammates are very good and the sport in general is just great. answering one of the questions ( would you rather be the worst player on the best team or the best player on the worst team)i think i would like to be the worst player on the best team, because then i can learn from the best of players, although i might not contribute as much to the team because i might not be as good, i feel like your mentality would be better if you were in this situation, if i was the best player i wouldn’t try to improve because there wouldn’t be anyone to look up to.

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  1. Hi Oceane! I loved reading about the yourself! you sound like a very intresting person! I too love watching crime solving documentaries, but sometimes i become too “sad” and tired out from the reality of the show so I recommend shows such as criminal minds, and prodigual son if your looking for some fiction, but sometimes reality events! They have amazing plot lines and characters! I also love your mentality about improvement in sports! I relate with the words of when your “the best” sometimes you do not look up to a goal/someone, and that really is like an aamzing quote :3.

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