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My name is Nova Ianna Dupree, but most call me Nova, or the odd person will call me Ed Sheeran, due to the gingery colour of my hair. I’m fifteen years old, sixteen next month, and attend Middleton Regional High School in Nova Scotia, Canada. I’m currently in grade ten during my second semester, which is incredibly exciting because I have English class (which I love)!!

I’ve grown up in what feels like all around Canada, but really it’s only been three provinces and a few different cities within each. Some may see it as a hassle but I’m utterly grateful for all the people I’d met and relationships I’d created with them through memories I never wish to forget. Throughout my travels and stays ‘all over’ I learned to love the studies of sociology (societies functions and structure) and psychology (mind and human behaviour), due to the fact I’m not all much of a talker. It’s odd to think that someone who loves the study of the human mind and human behaviour, isn’t entirely social, but if you look at it my way, listening and observing is the most important component of each study, so, it’s like a perfect MATCH!! In addition to my interests in sociology and psychology, I love to read novels that surround mental health, realistic conflicts, and love.  I find the concepts of all three very applying and educational in someways because they’re like short cuts made of fiction to how people may think or act in certain situations- which brings us back to sociology and psychology.

Really, there is a lot to know about me and my interests, so much that it’d take days for me to write about it. Because of this I’ll end it that- oh and I guess I’ll add, since it’s a fairly basic/common question, my favourite colour is BLUE;)

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