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My inquiry question: Why do we have stress? (stress)

My three steps to research would be on these questions; what causes of stress, how we can prevent stress, and how we can resolve stress. These three questions are the ones that would give me the answer to my main question. The information from these questions would help me understand the topic of stress descriptively.

I will apply the suggestions and feedback from peers as this research is also for my peers.
Some sources that are going to be useful are from the internet:

This question can help individuals around me. When I have friends who are under stress I could help them. Peers reading my research could also learn and applicate their knowledge to others. Everyone has stress and it’s useful to know how to resolve or prevent it. Many people suicide from mental issues/stress, it would help the community if we know how to deal with stress.


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  1. Hi Kiara,

    I love how your steps are specific and clear, and I can the gradual buildup in your questions, which I think will transition very smoothly. Also, I agree with you that stress is something very common among people, especially with teenagers. So, by learning about it can become very useful. One suggestion I have is to research a little bit about the background data with different people handling with stress, and maybe address that a little bit so people can have an idea of how common and effective stress is on people and the society. This may build some more depth to your question.

    Here’s a website that might help

    Good luck and I look forward to more of your blogs!

  2. I am interested in this topic as well. The human brain is a very interesting thing, with the emotions even more so. I look forward to hearing more from you 🙂

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