Blog Post #1- What are some concerns of law in different countries?

What are some concerns of law in different countries?

In the project in the second semester, I will be doing research on laws of different countries and discuss some concerns and problems of them. My main focus will be some laws violate human rights and caused negative impacts. Every country has their own confederation, and confederation protects human rights. In some cases, terrible laws violate confederation. Furthermore, dictatorships use the judicial system to consolidate power and ban opposite opinions. Therefore, injustice laws often lead to protests and revolution.

I chose this topic because I have been witnessing and impacted by injustice law. I came to Canada 8 months ago because of the decreasing democracy in Hong Kong. The national security law in Hong Kong protects the Hong Kong and Chinese government by violating the freedom of speech. Instead of protecting the public, the law was used to arrest citizens that have opposite opinions and arrest teenagers that attends protests. Furthermore, the legislate of the national security law was compelled. The Chinese government proposed the law to “protect Hong Kong from foreign power” and passed it with no dissenting opinion. Police used the injustice law to arrest congressmen, news reporter, celebrities, and other people that has dissenting opinions. The ridiculous actions of the Chinese and Hong Kong government lead to protests that started in 2019. More than 2 million people attended the protest, and the whole revolution continued for more than a year. This revolution impacted me and made me pay more attention on law and politics, and led to my decision on doing a project on laws that violate human rights.

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  1. Hello Wayne,
    Great topic for your inquiry! I have travelled to many countries before, and the laws there were very different. For example, Japan locked its border because of covid and pleased its citizens. Due to the average age in japan being over 40 years old, the politicians focus on satisfying the elderly’s requests.
    Good luck with your research!

  2. Hi Wayne,
    First of all, welcome to Canada! As someone that is very interested in law, I really like the topic you chose for your inquiry. I think many countries still have a lot of problems with their laws and I think it is important to do research on them.
    Good luck on your next blogs,

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