Blog Post #1- Time-Travelling: A mere concept or a new beginning?

Hi everyone! I was really excited to start this new semester and to start it with a new inquiry question. For my second topic, I have chosen to do it with a more scientific relation, more exactly, about time-traveling.




Nowadays, we are unable to perceive galaxies or cosmos, at first sight, a telescope is needed to do so, it happens the same with space-time. Indeed, thanks to the great amount of information we have discovered to figure out if time travel exists, we are acknowledging more data but since it is way more complicated than it seems, we need to take big steps to see it by ourselves.

Time Art Print featuring the photograph Time Travel by Carol Leigh

Time-travelling, dimensions, alternative realities, possible theories, and science have always been related to one another. I will be delving into all of this deeper and sharing all the information that is currently available. I am looking forward to sharing all of the details I will be learning throughout documentaries or by reading scientific magazines or watching interviews since it has grown really important and interesting over the years. It will be fantastic to learn more about it. Just the idea to be ahead of the time or to go back in time or to travel extremely fast to get to it, certainly amaze us.



-Andrea Zapata.

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  1. Hello Andrea,

    Time travel is such an interesting topic! I think your question is going to require a good amount of research. I would recommend looking into past knowledge/ theories on time travel, providing background information for the readers. Next, you can look into any experiments or any research that could relate to the future of time travel. Lastly, you can use what you found to predict what would be possible with time travel (or something close to it)

    Here are some resources

    Good luck!

    • Hi Shieva, thank you so much for your feedback! I have really liked your ideas, and I will take them into account.
      You are absolutely right! My topic is so wide and the information I have been finding is a lot, but I love it and I will make sure that all the data I will be providing has its background so it is easier for the readers to understand it.
      Thank you!

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