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My inquiry question for the second semester will be, ” What impact did Napoleon Bonaparte have on our world.” because after studying the French Revolution, I had come to be very interested in how had Napoleon changed our world, and since he was a significant figure in the history.

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  1. Hi scott,
    Your inquiry question is interesting and eye-catching because I have learned about French Revolution in my first semester and it was engrossing my interest to engage in that history. It would be great to also add how he affected warfare and what/who made him impact the world. I look forward to seeing your future posts!
    These links may help you and your posts better

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  2. Hello Scott,
    your question really intrigued me , this past semester I also had learned about the French revolution and would like to know even more. I to wonder what specific impact Napoleon Bonaparte have on the world . Maybe you could explain how he had an impact on our everyday lives/ if he even did impact our everyday lives. I look forward to reading more ! Here are some links that I think could be helpful

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