Story Project Step #1- Brainstorm

My process for my Brainstorming session looked a little like this:

self love is the most important kind of love???

how can one expect others to love them if they dont love themselves.

no one except you knows what youve been through; others wont be able to help you better than you can help yourself.

what if everything happens for a reason?

maybe some things are meant to happen in order to make you stronger and to become who you are.

self help is important

not bottling up your emotions is important

sometimes it’s the small things that matter

the little things can hurt too

sometimes silence is the best comfort

During this process I was slightly confused. I had no clue about what I wanted to write a story about! So, I read a bit and all these ides kept coming to my head. What if love from others isnt that important? Maybe every lost friendship was meant to end? Maybe it hurt enough to teach someone a lesson? Then I started writing these down.

That was what I came up with in 5 minutes, Thank you for reading!!!

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  1. Hey Alexia!
    I love this so much! I think self love is so important and I feel so many people feel they need love from others and don’t understand that loving yourself is just as important, if not better. This was very well written and I love how real you were with your questions and thought process. Keep it up and I can’t wait to follow along with this!

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