Blog post #7


a. Throughout my partner and I’s action project there were many challenges that we faced. One main one was defiantly finding time for both Kristi Blakeway, my partner and me. We did the best we could to work around this problem and we found our ways. We would normally find something smaller for my partner and I to do while we re scheduled and waited for the future to come! 

 b. This action project defiantly changed the way I think in many ways. When we went downtown and saw all the people on the streets and their living conditions were super eye opening. Every time I see someone on the streets, I think of Daniels story and what there’s might be. I would never ever judge someone that is homeless but now I know many reasons why they might be. Life on the streets is something so hard to imagine and something no one would ever want to live through. Not only when I see someone just barely getting by but also every time I eat good food, sleep in a warm bed or just simply have a good place to use the bathroom I think of how grateful I am for it because so many people do not have it.  

 c. This is something my partner and I are going to carry on doing. I loved the feeling when I got home and felt like I had helped someone. Although it was just one person it felt good to do. I will forever think about that day and that experience. I am so grateful I got to go downtown and meet Daniel. Because of that day I will be grateful for every bight of food, sleep in my bed and my family. Every chance I get I will try to donate to shelters and do anything I can to help. I cannot wait to continue this journey.  

d. I hope that many people understand what the people on the streets have gone through, they are not just people on the streets doing drugs. They are people that have gone through so much and are trying to survive. The experience that my partner and I had will impact others whether it starts with just the people in our community or not, it will impact them in many ways. This was very eye opening, and I hope people understand everything about our experience. 

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