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2a) The 3 most important values in my opinion are… 

  1. I believe that everyone should have the same opportunities and rights. (Equality)
  2. I believe people should be noticed for their efforts and contributions. (Recognition)
  3. I believe it is important to experience close, ongoing, relationships with others. (Friendship)                                              B)
  4. I appreciate people who guide and inspire others. (Leadership)
  5. I believe it is important to nurture the relationships you have with your loved ones and to spend time with them. (Family)
  6. I believe it is important for people to seek connection to a higher purpose. (Spiritual Growth)

3) All of the things I chose for my most important values I agree with. Everything there is very important to me, and I feel it is also important for others around me. I do not agree with the results of the least important. All those things are still important to me. It was very hard to choose values for least important because all of those are meaningful in some way. I personally think that if you do not have a good relationship with your family, it is important to have a solid relationship with your friends! Either way all these values have some meaning to me! 


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