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Blog #1: Inquiry project
1. State your inquiry question. 

My inquiry question for this semester is: How does the prison industrial complex affect marginalized groups?

2. Explain why this is a question of interest for you. 

This semester I chose the question How does the prison industrial complex affect marginalized groups as the prison industrial complex is something that I would like to understand more. I am interested in how prisons are connected to capitalism, and the history of the prison industrial complex. I would like to learn and find out more on how the prison industrial complex is linked to the mass incarceration of marginalized groups such as people of color and disabled peoples, notably black and indigenous peoples. I am also interested to see how the term prison industrial complex is relevant to not only the “united states”, but also how/if the term is relevant here in so called Canada.

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  1. Hey sammie!!
    This inquiry question you have brought up with caught my interest to learn more about. I haven’t seen much of these questions and the answers to it. I don’t have a lot of knowledge about prison industrial complex, so I hope I will know more after seeing your posts.

    I hope these few links can help your future posts!
    Race, Gender, and the Prison Industrial Complex – jstor › stable

    Bell, Let’s Talk About the Prison Industrial Complex – – The … › 2020/02 › bell-lets-talk-…

  2. Hey Sammie,
    Your topic is so cool! I recently learned about marginalized groups a little bit, so the fact that your topic is about prison industrial complex affections on marginalized groups is even more interesting to me. Plus, this topic is a growing issue in the society, so it is great to research and educate more people about it.

    Here are a few links that might be helpful for your research:

    Good luck and I look forward to more of your blog posts!

    • Oh and I just wanted to add, I feel it’ll be a good idea that when you go to research your topic, to define prison industrial complex and marginalized groups first as these are complex vocabularies that people might not know! Because when I first read your topic, I had no idea what it meant. After a bit of googling though, I find it super interesting and I’m excited to learn more about it!

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