Action Blog Post 1 (Pt.2)

1.) What are your 3 most important values and your 3 least important values? 

3 Most Important Values: Risk, Justice, Reliability                                                                                                 

3 Least Important Values: Tradition, Power, Community 

 2.) Do you agree with the results? Do you think the statements are good descriptions of the values? Do you think there are some values missing?  What do your 3 important values mean to you? 

To be honest, I agree with the results I received based on the other values on the chart. I thought the statements were generally good, but some of them were a little too similar to one another, making it difficult to choose between them. I believe that one value that is missing is loyalty, which is an essential trait for me. Since we all need someone to support us in good and bad times, as well as defending our names when we are not around. To begin with, risk indicates that you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone. Furthermore, justice means to me that people are held accountable for their actions. Finally, reliability signifies to me that you are dependable at all times. 

3.) Can you describe a situation where you put into action one or more of the values most important to you? What was the result 

I remember during gym class we were on our basketball unit and everyone was practicing layups. The teacher wanted someone to demonstrate a proper layup so she asked me. As a result, I did a simple right-handed one. However, afterwards she asked me to do it with my other hand, which I was hesitant to do because I wasn’t comfortable with that hand yet.  Nevertheless, I persevered and ended up going for it. In the end, I was able to get it into the basket, which was a huge achievement for me. 

4.) Imagine some future situations where you could put your values into action.

Value: Reliability                                                                                                                                                                             

Future Situation: If a friend of mine is going through a tough time and she needs someone to talk to, I’ll be there for her. 

5.) Research United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Goal 1 (No Poverty) is the one that closely corresponds with my values. People must take numerous risks in order to ensure their survival. In addition, many less fortunate communities lack access to justice, forcing them to rely on one another for assistance. Goal 1 is also definitely my passion. Since I believe everyone should have access to the basic necessities needed for survival. I find it ridiculous that we have people on this earth with billions of dollars and yet there are still people who can’t even afford a meal. Working with Kristi Blakeway, who started “Project HELLO,” an organization that supports individuals facing homelessness and recognizes their different stories, is one possible action project I could perform.


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