Blog Post #1 – Why are humans virtually always in conflict?

  1. Why are humans virtually always in conflict?
  2. This has been a question of interest for me for quite some time, as it has likely been with many of you. Why is our species constantly in conflict? Throughout our history, most well-documented events have centred around wars and numerous different smaller-scale conflicts. The rise and fall of Rome, the two world wars, the Hundred Years’ War. Even now, in a time many historians call “a time of peace”, wars and conflicts continue to plague regions all over the globe. These include the Israel/Palestine conflict and, most recently, the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Displays of human confrontation and disagreement leading to violence have shaped our past and many believe it will continue to shape our future. But does this grim prediction actually have merit? Are humans a species doomed to perpetual conflict or can we work together to create a peaceful future?

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    I love your question so much and feel it is something many people question all the time. I cant wait to follow you along for you getting the answer to your question. I found some websites to help you that you could check out to help you answer your question!
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