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Hello, You can call me Lucas or Luke. I am 15 years old from Nova Scotia, Canada. I go to the school MRHS (Middleton Regional High School) and my Favourite subject in school is Science.

I have lived in Canada my whole life and have been everywhere around Canada. I come from a french family and I can speak french. I have travelled to the United States once in my life, but I have never really been outside of Canada.

I have a few hobbies but one of them is making and listening to music. I like to listen to music from other parts of the world and learn about how other places in the world are just by their music. I make slow type music but haven’t really published any.

On my free time I will walk my dog or go to my farm and work up there for as long as I can to get away from people.

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  1. Hey Lucas,
    it’s great to have a new member to butterfly effect! I haven’t traveled that much either, I’ve only gone to the US and Mexico. However, I only used to go the US to shop and go to Mexico to visit family. Making music seems so cool. I love music and my favorite genre is r&b and rap, what’s yours? I related when you talked about going somewhere to get away from people. Although I love spending time with family and friends, I’m an introvert and often need my space and time alone.
    Good luck on your future blog posts!

  2. Hi Lucas, it’s really nice to meet you. Welcome to butterfly effect! I realized we have a lot of things in common. One of my favourite subjects in school is also science, I’ve lived in Canada my whole life, and I come from a french family as well.
    Good luck in your future blogs!

  3. Hey Luke, welcome to Butterfly Effect! How is Nova Scotia? While I am decently travelled internationally (Italy, Romania, United States), I haven’t ever travelled outside of British Columbia to somewhere else in Canada. It’s also so cool that you create music! Is there a genre you could classify your music as and do you have any specific artist that has inspired your artistry? Great post!

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