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Before I do state my inquiry question, I do want to let you guys know that my semester 2 question may or may not be a sensitive talk for some of you guys. So, please do know that you do not have to read mine at all I will put a warning before I talk about the inquiry question in every blog post. This blog won’t have much information about it but it does list some things that I will talk about just not in-depth.

Warning this may contain information about a sensitive topic for you. It is about suicide so please do skip this blog post as it may be uncomfortable for you or something that may be sensitive for you to read about.

Inquiry Question: Why are suicidal rates higher for teenagers”.

My inquiry question is about suicidal rates in teenagers because of a talk that I had with my family during dinner. We talked about how and why teenagers’ suicidal rate is higher than it was back in the day. My parents think that the cause for this is because of social media but personally I want to know the exact reason. From somebody who watched a lot of TV shows and videos on suicide, I personally think that social media is not the only cause. I think that suicide rates are increasing for teenagers because of stress, school, and bullying. I found that every country does have different reasons why teenagers suicide. In some cases, in China or Hong Kong teenagers tend to pass away due to stress because of the CSAT. I find it intriguing because usually in North America teenagers tend to pass away due to being bullied or social media because of the hate comments. So, why is it that the suicidal rates are increasing for teenagers and adults are not having the same case since they do tend to have more responsibilities and pressure? This is why my inquiry is about this. I hope to get into how each country has different reasons for suicidal rates and why it is increasing, how do some students prevent it from happening and why some can’t, and possibly about why it is increasing now instead of decreasing. The last part is a topic that I want to do because my parents also wonder why it is increasing nowadays since there is technology and life is better now than it was before so, I want to know why my parents think that way.

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  1. Hi Estella,
    I enjoyed reading your project about serial killer in the first semester, and I am really looking forward to read your up coming blogs. I came from Hong Kong, and the academic pressure in Hong Kong is extremely intense. We have exams four times in a year, and tests in every week. Many teenagers in Hong Kong have different mental illness. The situation is especially serious among grade 10 to grade 12 students, since there is a test called “DSE” in Hong Kong, which affects university application , and it is extremely difficult. Furthermore, there are protest and pandemic happening in Hong Kong for the last past 3 years, and caused the suicide rate of teenagers grew.

  2. Hey Estella,
    I just commented on another blog post about a similar topic. I find it amazing that I’m seeing more people talk and research about these uncomfortable topics. I think it’s important to open up these conversations and learn more about them. I commend you for putting a trigger warning on your blog post because it can be a very sensitive topic for many people. I sort of agree with your parents in a way about social media being one of the main causes of suicides. Before if someone was being bullied they could come home and have a break, however with social media the bullying would continue. Social media is also unrealistic and many teens find them comparing their lives to other people’s. Overall, an important topic and an interesting topic to learn about!

    Here are some link’s you might find useful:

    I look forward to seeing more from you and good luck with your future blog posts and research!

  3. Hi Estella! Our topics are really similar! I’m doing an inquiry project on the relationship between social anxiety and suicide rates. I love how you incorporated your own personal thoughts into this post and the trigger warming you gave prior. I think it’s very important when we’re doing posts about mental health issues to give a warning as it is quite a sensitive topic. I look forward to your posts and we could exchange resources too!!

  4. Hi Estella.
    It’s very important to be mindful of sensitive topics, thank you. This topic grabbed my attention quickly as I’ve always been wondering. I agree with your parents, social media causes a lot of stress for me and many others I know. A recommendation to add to your inquiry question is if there are solutions to prevent suicide.

  5. Hi Estella,
    I really appreciate how you wrote a “warning” paragraph because I agree that your topic is not suitable for everyone to read about. However, I was very interested in your inquiry question and I learned so many new things from reading your first blog post. I enjoyed how you wrote about your personal thoughts and experiences, as well as the information you included. One thing I would suggest is that I thought maybe you could write in your title that you are writing about/doing an inquiry project this semester. I think it is a lot more organized this way and I can immediately tell what type of project I will be reading about before actually reading your post.
    Hope that helps!

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