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Hello and thank you for supporting my previous research.

For this semester I’ve decided to research stress. The main research is going to be on what causes us stress, how we can prevent stress, and finally, what is stress. This is a problem everyone is facing and a topic I’m genuinely interested in. I chose to answer this question to help myself and hopefully others too. I hope to learn more about this topic.


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  1. Hey Kiara,
    This is a great inquiry project! Nowadays, everyone has stress because life can get very complicating and tough. I’m thrilled that your inquiry questions are helping people learn more about this topic and how to deal with it, because many individuals struggle to cope with troublesome feelings. To be honest, I’m excited to see what you learn about this subject. Best of luck!

    Here’s A Link That Might Help With Your Research:

    Mahdiya A.

  2. Hi Kiara,
    This is such an amazing topic to write about! Maybe research certain subjects that might cause stress, and if trauma or bad experiences or anything else may trigger them. I intend to watch over your progress, and am very interested in this topic! Keep up the good work.

  3. hi kiara!

    this inquiry question is very interesting. I liked how you got some questions that you will research. I was wondering if maybe you thought of other questions instead of those three as I thought those would be the main questions maybe add more questions that many not have thought of but would think of later for example if you did “what causes us stress” as the main idea but add in another question like “what can stress lead to” for example stress can lead to if it is not managed. For the second one you can add in “why people stress eat instead of finding an actual way of coping since it could cause weight gaining which can lead to medical issues”. And for the last question instead of just about what we could do to resolve stress you can add in why so for example you can add in painting because it releases a type of chemical to help relax or something. For example, I squeeze my thumb when I’m nervous or stressed because I made it a way to think of things that made me relaxed so maybe add in some tips and tricks that people can do.

    Have fun researching this! I hope my comment helps you with your question!


  4. Hello Kiara,

    It’s great that you want to research something that you know can help your peers and community! You’ve got a good start with the questions ” how we can prevent stress, and what we could do to resolve stress”. That would make a good overarching question. Have you thought about your subquestions yet? You could start with something along the lines of “how is stress caused”, how can we prevent stress, and end it off with how to resolve stress.

    Hope this helped!
    Shieva Mokhtarnameh

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