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Hello everyone! After my last inquiry, I decided to keep researching certain topics that interest me, meaning for this semester I will be researching methods, healthy, unhealthy habits of studying that student/anyone who studies tends to do instead of another way that may be more beneficial, and less tiring, and ways that student/anyone who studies can learn to do. The main question will be What is the best way of studying, thought this is very vague, i am mainly focusing on the methods, healthy and unhealthy way to gain the conclusion of what the best method of studying truly is. This question intrest me because as a student, personally I feel that I do not know the best wway of studying, because thought schools mention it, they do not really teach a method to be “successful” in a class. Because of this, I tend to feel unprepared and like any other person a day before their test, I stay up all night. This has become an unhealthy habit, so I wanted to do a topic that could both personally help me lose those unhealthy habits, and research better ones instead to become more confident in my studying, this can also be a great research for all other students, as studying is the key resource to becoming/being successful in a subject material.

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  1. Hey Negar,
    This inquiry project is a fantastic idea since I could use some better study habits myself. Many students nowadays suffer from stress and anxiety as a result of their studies, which is a difficult challenge. When you have a lot of homework and don’t know where to begin, it can be incredibly overwhelming. So I’m excited to see what neat ideas you come up with because they could benefit a lot of people. Best of luck with your research!

    Here Is A Link That Might Help You Out:

    Mahdiya A.

  2. hi negar!

    your inquiry question would help many students out as some people are still finding the right study method. I found it my study method after grade 10 when I was experimenting with every way I could to study. I personally found that every subject does have a different way of studying for example, for me studying for a subject that is mainly about memorization I did that with flashcards on Quizlet and for math classes, I tend to do problems that I needed help especially the units that I didn’t quite understand so I would practice them more and try out questions that would improve my understanding. So, maybe you can write about how there are different types of study methods for every subject? as well as notes there are different ways to do notes I did some research while finding my own way to study and there were different types of notes like the “Cornell” note technique. So maybe you can also write about note-taking in different ways as well. I remember taking a quiz during my social studies class in Grade 9 where we got to figure out what type of learner I was there were kinesthetics, auditory, and visual so maybe you can also research different types of learning styles that could help others understand a unit better?

    I hope this comment helped you in some type of way. Have fun researching!


  3. Hello Negar,

    This is a very relevant topic to your demographic of students! Very good thinking there. I like that you have your research rounds mapped out; I think you could research in a more chronological order of what you would learn through the process. I would first start with what the different of studying are. Next, how well they have worked based on research and other
    people’s experiences. Lastly, you said you wanted to focus on unhealthy and healthy ways to study. Instead of saying that, a more concentrated question is “how do different methods of studying affect
    a person’s health”. Going in that order of research round questions makes the research easier to follow because you would be starting with the most basic of question and progressing into the complicated ones.

    Hope this helped!
    Shieva Mokhtarnameh

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