Blog post #6: The Reflection- How does technology have helped us throughout the COVID-19 pandemic?

Inquiry question: How does technology have helped us throughout the COVID-19 pandemic?

Blog post #6: The Reflection

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for been following my research in relation to how does technology has been helping us through the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. This inquiry question I have chosen as much as I was delving into it deeper, the more I was getting excited to know more about it, to discovering how the does enhance world has been developing and the most important of all, I have really enjoyed learning all this new and modern stuff.


My challenges during this research were the great amount of data I have found along with it, which is why I have needed to organize it and select the most important details I was going to be needing throughout my research. Even though one of the obstacles was that sometimes the information was not clear enough or, it happened to not have reliable sources within the investigation, overall, all these disadvantages only helped me to take attention to those tiny details and to find out what was really happening around the world.

Besides, I have always thought that technology would always come in handy and during this harsh time, it has only rectified my ideas even more and in a remarkable way. Nonetheless, with all the information I have gathered, one of its impacts it had made me change the way that I think is that we need to use it properly and also for people’s wellbeing. These hard times have certainly made one ponder the good use of it and how its development can pull us the way through. As a matter of fact, all the process that Scientifics have been carrying out to finally get a vaccine is admirable and well prestigious.

As such, it is well important to procure to profit its advantages as well as giving it good uses. I think that people have always been aware of its importance and this time has helped them to discover it realizing that certain tools can really come in handy in order to get through the constant difficulties of a virtual world.

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