Blog post #6: reflection

a) what challenges did you overcome throughout this inquiry project? How did you go about it? 

My topic question was what are the greatest stressors and factors on children of low-income families? Generally a wide question revolving around poverty, homelessness, and low-income. The number one challenge I was faced with was finding an answer to my question, as weird as that sounds, because my topic is a very complex part of the cycle that is poverty, finding a very clear ‘one’ answer would be near impossible. So, I decided to tackle the question by making my own process. In order to answer my questions, I took them and broke them down into multiple parts and answered each by connecting my findings to the next round of research. By doing this I was able to have proof for every finding, while simultaneously comparing each answer to the next. For instance, I started researching what the common factors of low-income children are, and then researching the specific factors individually. 

b) How did this inquiry change the way you think? 

Before researching this topic, I had a very minimal view of what could cause poverty, I wasn’t even sure what the pure definition of poverty was. After doing my research somewhere in the middle I began to understand that most factors that can cause low-income or poverty are not even controllable, like climate change. I was surprised to hear that climate change is one of the top factors and contributors to low-income! And so it truly shows how most of our view of poverty is truly just made up on assumption and pop-culture.  

c) How did this investigation impact your future decisions? 

This research made me realise the huge impact our society has on poverty, how most of what we do as a functioning human being can contribute to someone else’s low-income. With this in mind, I hope to make decisions in the future that will help people experiencing low-income, and will not make the cycle of poverty continue. 

d) what impact will this investigation have locally/globally? 

This investigation creates a map that can bring us one step closer to ‘solving’ poverty, and so globally if we were to take the actions that are listed in my research in order to prevent the factors as much as possible. We would create a world where poverty is not as relevant as it is today, giving everyone access to all necessities that they need. 

I am thankful to have been able to research this topic and learn the proper formatting for this research, because of this I am able to understand poverty and low-income better!!

Thank you for following my research, 

Have a nice day 🙂



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